How Two Years of GIANT Grips Changed My Golf…

After trying super massive grips for two years, I look at how this weird and wonderful change has affected my golf technique and my ability to cope with wrist pain in the golf swing…

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20 thoughts on “How Two Years of GIANT Grips Changed My Golf…

  1. Changed to these and Ive actually found much increased feel particularly around the green , golf grips are small because the shaft is thin and they stuck a bit of leather on the end, all the innovation over the years and no one has looked at this. I have a very short quick lower body swing and Ive found these have helped me feel the club at transition and stop the early snatch at the down swing

  2. I’ve played those exact grips for a few years now. I absolutely love them. The hardest part of playing them, is testing new clubs. The traditional grips feel like a toothpick.

  3. tried them but eventually removed them because you cant use your wrist. and these grips are very expensive like 40 dollars a piece not installed.

  4. I changed early this summer with my new club fitting! I'm 66 years old and my hands have been hurting from being a mechanic for years! The jumbo grips were so much more comfortable and my fingers don't hurt at the end of the round!

  5. I have been playing JumboMax UltraLite's size small since the start of the year. I ran in to an issue that when I would swing with my Standard+ that my wrist would flip through to much and the hooks came out. Yes, these grips will make be hit a block here and there, but it stopped my wrist from flipping through.

    Recently, my cousin was at my house who is a tennis teaching professional. I showed him my club because he is getting back in to golf after tearing his act and mcl. He loved the grip because it was the closest thing to a tennis racket handle. He has now installed them on his clubs and loves them.

  6. I've had JumboMax grips for an entire season. I had some arthritic changes in a few fingers on my right hand. Additionally, I had a painful calcification or nodule in my right palm below my middle finger. Since using the JumboMax grips, I can play more rounds per week without debilitating pain in my hands. Additionally, the nodule in my palm has subsided and is no longer constantly irritated after each round. The only thing I've changed that could have impacted the pain in my hands was changing my grips to JumboMax.

  7. I have had "trigger finger" surgery on both hands. (middle fingers). These sized grips allowed has allow me to continue to play during recovery. Now, I keep them because I like them.

  8. Ill never go back to thin grips. No wrist or elbow pain. More control, less flippy with my hands. Doubters need to try them….and Keiran……I’m shorter than you!

  9. Peter, having some arthritis in two of my fingers on the left hand so I have just put on two jumbo maxes in the size large which was recommended using their sizing guide online, regrettably there’s no golf store near me that that carries all these sizes, so that I could feel them in my hand first, I think that would be helpful. But anyway they do feel quite a bit bigger but I didn’t have any problem hitting the ball straight with either of them on my six iron or my driver but of course I still had to use my other clubs so I ended up with finger pain at the end and I’m not sure if it would be any better with larger grips or not? Thanks for the info and if you have any other other input on arthritis in the fingers as it relates to golf grips I would appreciate it. Thanks

  10. I have jumbo cp2s on driver and woods. Recently put them on a wedge and immediately all wedges. Irons are next, but I need new irons. When I first started golfing the clubs would spin in my hands with standard size. I went to mid size and saw a huge improvement with control. Now the mid size fell tiny on my irons

  11. I come to golf late in life and could never understand why grips were so thin. So when I saw these a couple of years ago I fitted them on all my clubs. At first I was pushing them right but it didn’t take long to sort that. From the word go I never had any problems with my short game if anything touches around the green improved.
    The biggest plus for me is reduced grip pressure, what a revelation and relief, I no longer have sore hands after a round of golf makes holding my beer more enjoyable ???? ⛳️ ????

  12. My clubs are at the pro shop right now having these put on. I tried holding all of the grips, and almost went with something smaller because the Jumbos just look massive. But then I asked myself; "why don't you just go with what feels the best?" Excited to give them a go.

  13. I tried the jumbos, but even with large hands, I had difficulty holding on to the club – felt they would fly out of my hands. Went back to my oversize standard grips

  14. I was never taught a grip style. I started taking some lessons recently and asked why I destroyed my gloves. I have a palm grip. Believe me, the new gloves don't last long and become ruined within one large bucket of balls at the range. Yes, I am trying to get back into golf with a 15 year hiatus but changing my grip entirely or going out and perhaps eyeballing this grip style…maybe worth a go? Appreciate the video.

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