Pure Your Irons INSTANTLY With This Drill!

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24 thoughts on “Pure Your Irons INSTANTLY With This Drill!

  1. Here’s another tip NEVER dress like that . Holy shit dude I think you need some hormone therapy, those pants ain’t helping . Legs are all wrist. There’s some fuel for you hate me to make you better

  2. This should only be a drill. You eventually want to be able to load your weight in your back leg and transfer the weight into the front. You don’t want to have the reverse tilt look in your backswing.

  3. So he said 'feels like,' which can work for some people. But if you literally did that you might get ball/turf contact but you'll hit the ball really short. You have to shift to the right in order to make a full shoulder turn, which he did beautifully (his head even moved 2-3in off the ball). Just stand and try to make a full shoulder turn without any shift. You'll notice that u can't. The key is, his left shoulder is closer to the target at impact than it was at address, but it happened dynamically. That's the key, and for some people, perhaps that should be the 'feel' as well.

  4. the important part though that no one tells with this tip is that your head needs to stay on top of or slightly behind the ball. a lot of people will put weight there and shift their head past the ball causing a steeper swing and the duffing continues!

  5. I started trying this on the range by accident the other day, and realized I was compressing the ball a lot better. It's just a matter of not trying to shift laterally too far forward and catching the ball too early

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