How will Real Madrid react to Gareth Bale's 'Wales. Golf. Madrid.' flag celebration? | ESPN FC

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Abdallah Umar says:

? I’m with stave on this one. And bale deserved every bit of success he has had at Madrid it’s not like he is a charity case or a below average player. He earned it and does not deserved to be treated like a wet blanket

Pranit Deshpande says:

They sound like a married couple lol 3:29

Robes Pierre says:

Gareth Bale is not thankful at all

Thats honestly a shame

Julian potatoe says:

About time Real got stuck with a high wage, untransferable player. Sit tight Gareth and get your money.

Kevin Cline says:

At least it's in his priorities. Unlike when he was at Spurs.

RMA 7 says:

ban-bench-sale .

kambiz ahmadyar says:

Well if it wasn't Madrid bale would have ended his career with no medals.

henriolio says:

Disrespectfull wales arshole,,direct kiking out of madrid and shoot at site

Adrian Dane Kenny M.D. says:

where do you want to go , ? Gareth Bale. ?

Adrian Dane Kenny M.D. says:

gareth bale to scotland and the scottish premier league or which ever teams are most connected to his dreams. and wishes and desires

Malachy Wright says:

i fucking love stevie

Malik Hussain says:

Zidine be like
Hazard. Vinicius jr. Injured asencio
In that order

Gökhan bursa says:

Gareth bale the biggest baloon of all time

Stefke BOSS says:

This granpa is making it impossible to watch.

vivek kathula says:

Bales forced his move to Real Madrid in 2013, he loved Real Madrid back then.
Seeing him do this speaks a lot of how he is feeling about Real Madrid now.
i dont who we should blame, fans, club, coaches, bale or players.

Anyways if Real Madrid wants to send him out, EPL clubs would be waiting, he still has 2-3 very good years left in him.

Bales story is a lesson to all English speaking players on how hard spanish fans are, they expect you to learn language, follow their traditions, but dont they themselves never change when moves to another territory.

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