I name THE BEST DRIVER IN THE WORLD! Build My Bag | Episode 1

? Thanks for watching! In this Build My Bag video I name the best driver in the world! Facing off the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond, Ping G430 LST, Titleist TSR3, TaylorMade Stealth 2+ and the Cobra Aerojet LS

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25 thoughts on “I name THE BEST DRIVER IN THE WORLD! Build My Bag | Episode 1

  1. I literally just got fitted and tried all these drivers, except Srixon ZX5 instead of the Cobra. Man of man did the Titleist hit it out of the park for me, the others definately werent bad at all but the speed, distance, forgiveness and dispersion were incredible on the TSR3. I was hitting it between 10-15 meters longer than the other clubs, i even hit one 300 meters/330 yards which is huge for me, i was generally getting around the 280 meter mark though which I'm hugely impressed with.

  2. I much prefer a matte crown like the Ping, I really dislike the glossy shiny crowns like Titleist where at address you see all the reflections of the clouds, etc…. Very distracting

  3. I haven’t watched this yet, but I predict you choose the Callaway paradigm. Even though, you should be going with the stealth 2 for loyalty and Titleist tsR3 for all around actual performance.

  4. I found the off center strikes to drop spin way too much for my comfort with taylormade. Everything else about it I loved. But the Ping 430 LST went in the bag. It just sits a tick higher in spin, which kept me between the lines more, and allowed me to hit a lower ball off the tee and still have enough spin to keep it airborne and I love that. It’s also the most stable feeling head and was incredibly forgiving. I think the Stealth 2 is great though. Definitely has the long ball in it

  5. I felt the same about the stealth 2+ as Peter did about the cobra? hear everybody smashing it and tried it but just couldn’t make it work unfortunately

  6. So at the end of it all you went for distance rather than accuracy, Seems like your BIG BOY ego got in the way of making the right choice , rather be on the fairway than 20 yards more and off line .

  7. Feels like for all the data, feel and looks in the end you have picked the club based on the thing all amateurs go for and really shouldn’t….distance.
    After for playing for years I would take a driver that was always in the middle of the fairway but back 20/30/40 yards than a driver that bombs but only 1 in 10 is in the fairway and the rest are in the rough, trees, water or worse, out of bounds.

  8. stealth a half club less approach BUT 1-2 less fairways? seems ParadymTD would give you lower scores (not rare bombs + ego) which its all about? "they dont ask how, but how many". ;0)

  9. Best driver for you , thats good , but I think I'll stick with my Tour Edge C721 , it never fails me , also you can order a "green" adaptor from Callaway , gives you 2 deg of adjustment , & a lighter weight for the Ping , or a counterbalanced shaft to offset the bigger head weight of the Ping , but then this is all stuff you should know already !!!

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