WHEN did this happen to CALLAWAY'S BEST Driver!?

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I am going to flat out say this is the best value Callaway driver in 2022 and here is exactly why

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Guy Hall says:

Always a pleasure sir. 🎉

CaffeineJunkie says:

Rick Shiels mentioned these in a video too and I almost snagged one. Went with an Epic Speed with an Aldila Rogue 130 MSI shaft I found for just a bit over $200. But im partially regretting not going with a bit more forgiving head style. When I smash it with the ES though man does it fly.

Scott Dreyfus says:

I just bought a brand new in plastic epic max ls for 177$ on the bay

Bruce Seaman says:

£500 For 3 yards over my Ping G 400……no thanks

Robert Hampton says:

Would like to see the Taylor made jet speed in the face off, keep up the good work mate,👍😎


Hi Simon

Love you videos👍👍

Been flippong clubs since 2003☺️☺️
Kept my own gear, Kids, Kids friends og my friends gear update for No cost😎

You talked about optimal driving delivery numbers..
What Would you say the numbers are..?


Nic Mansfield says:

The stock t800 Haz shaft in these was an absolute stinker – change it out for something else!

Sean Peacock says:

AOA +10°? 😳

jon Q says:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is very similar to the original Rogue that came out in 2017, yeah? It's the driver I've been using for the past couple of seasons and really don't see any reason to change it out. I do like green more than blue, so who knows….

Craig Boyle says:

I wanted an Epic Flash but couldn't quite afford it/justify the cost. Ended up buying a V Series Big Bertha (the really light one with the terrible Isaac Newton graphic) and it is INCREDIBLE. I love it. Would heavily recommend for anyone looking for a sub 100 quid driver that is very forgiving

colin boxall says:

I had the epic gbb. Great club. Defo a game changer at that time. Good looking and great quality.

simon alexander says:

Just find it unusual you praise epic sub zero, however don't mention the rogue sub zero. I bought a great condition one on eBay £125 2 mths ago. Obviously slightly updated. I don't play much because of shoulder problem. I hit it straight as an arrow, after having owned ping g400 and 3 prev titleist models. The rogue was night and day, which probably applies to the epic. Just believe you should include the rogue on your recommendations, plus the blue is better color combination on my opinion. Keep up the great work you do

charlie larsen says:

I game the epic sub zero also. my pro used it about twenty times and sold to me in2018 for $250.00 canadian dollars. what a deal!!! I also tried many newer callaway drivers and nothing feels as good. love your channel. Cheers Charlie from Kamlooops, British Columbia, Canada

Alex Zimmerman says:

The xr16 model is supreme

MidLifeBiker says:

Ive had 21 drivers over 3 years and mixed and matched shafts. The Callaway Mavrik Max got replaced by the BB B21 (with Hzrdus yellow smoke shaft) due to sound, flight and distance.
I will never buy Taylormade again, currently selling SIM 2 as paint chips easy and rubber recoil on the bottom deteriates…partic fairway woods and hybrids due to turf interaction. Putters too..all marketing and poor build quality so shite residual value..

JohnG says:

I’m surprised you don’t have more subs. Good shit!

Franklin Niester Jr says:

Loved the video and the choice. I once thought of gaming that driver, as I still am looking for some old 2014 BETA IRONS. But I went from a used SLDR to a SIM2 MAX.
I still have a few in the garage that are near and dear to me. My X2 HOT and DIABLO OCTANE along with a TaylorMade BURNER HT. Ive added weight to the front and rear of the BURNER thats made it illegal for tourney play.

Jesse Kinman says:

I finally upgraded a few months back to one of these after doing a bit of research, love it so far! And by the way, I’ve been watching your videos here and there as they would pop up from me watching Rick Sheils videos, and I gotta say when I first saw your swing I thought you had David Duval in your videos. I always used to watch him and follow his career back in his hay day, and your swing looks very similar to his!


These are great and sound awesome but are very fragile.The graphite plates on the sole come lose Especially if you use it off the deck Unfortunately when Callaway made this driver their standards were low Even their balls were heavily criticised for not being balanced and most product were of poor quality Thankfully that has changed and the new drivers are exceptional

Kclark283 says:

whats going on the with the ball mark at 1:03 lol

lee maskel says:

Simon, got the exact same model and loft, it only came out of the bag 2 months ago for the Stealth+, still love the look and feel

Local Haole Golfuh 🤙🏽 says:

I went back to the Callaways, after playing Titleist for a long time. Callaways have that solid feel that the other drivers kinda lack.
Love my Epic Speed 👍🏽🏌🏽‍♂️

Paul McGee says:

Love old Rogue myself

whitewhale4772 says:

Why didn't you like the epic flash?
Is it not a forgiving driver driver?

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