22 thoughts on “I Played With Normal Golf Clubs For The First Time In 15 Years

  1. Standard length PW 170 yards…plays on another planet with different gravity than us!Switch the bag positions on the cart. Imagine being so focused and calculating that you miss the simple solution "count how many times I do that".

  2. Love to see the pros might actually struggle on a normal every day course with regular clubs ???? just shows course, weather, clubs and equipment do make all the difference ???? he’d probably play a 20 over par if he came to England without his clubs ????

  3. Should try the “on a budget college student” set. Aka, a 10 year old driver, off the rack irons w/ worn grooves, Kirkland wedges, and any putter.

    Oh, and grips so worn they’re slippery.

  4. Just shows you if your swing plane is good you can hit any club. Not the club itself people think its the club. Yes fitting can help alot but swing plane is paramount. Thanks Bryson

  5. Amazing when you watch someone who you think is arrogant and full of himself, and you find out he's the total opposite, to be a pro golfer and then doing these youtube videos and listening to him really shows how down to earth you really are.

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