In this video Neil Tappin and Joel Tadman look at the iron market and ask when you should be thinking about upgrading? They discuss the various reasons an upgrade might be on the cards and what you should be looking for. As a new set of irons is likely to be one of your most expensive golfing purchases, it is always worth devoting some time to think carefully about when is the best time to upgrade.

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  1. Got some TM burners 4-PW, TM R9, TM 3. I lose many shots off the tee box unfortunately. I hit my irons well for the most part and recently bought Ping’s crossover 3i and that’s become my driver after I’ve had enough torture with my driver. Best recent score was 113

  2. Have my tommy Armour 845s since highschool. 21 years ago. Lol. It works, and I still hit better than most of my friends. I just gave them to my son. And I picked up some Nike sling shot, and back to learning game. Not sure if I will stay with them just yet. We will see.

  3. I have some Walter Hagen juniors. I only use the 7 and the pitching wedge and 56. I feel like if I hit the clubs how I could every time they would be perfectly fine. But they are cheap 12 year old clubs

  4. Just switched to Hogan PTx Pro with F2 Recoil shafts from game improvement forged irons because I’m a Hogan fan and handicap is dropping to around 13-14.

  5. For me… Getting forged irons was a game changer. With game assisting irons, I couldn't feel anything. Had no clue what the club head was doing! Once I switched to CB forged, I learned so much! However, I am an ex-ice hockey player, who is decently athletic. So, this was for my particular case. There could be many players like me, out there!

    Side note: I did also invest in an at home simulator. This combined with changing my irons, has me hitting fairways and greens much more consistently!

  6. Just getting back into the game.
    Using the Taylormade RAC LT (2002 version)
    I love them but thinking about upgrading to the Taylormade stealth.
    What’s your opinion?

  7. I love my Ping Eye 2 irons because I can trust the distance! If I am 165 yards out, I know what club to hit, where the ball is going to go, and where my miss is at. Loft for loft, I have yet to find a better club.

  8. Just bought an old set of Callaway Big Bertha irons (2004). Currently just got back into golf and have a 30 ish handicap. I've only used them for 9 holes. They felt slightly better than the Pinseeker Pro Model I have been using (a boxed set I bought probably 15 or so years ago). I'm feeling like I should've bought some Ping G series irons instead?

  9. I've been using the old Ben Hogan BH-5s (2005) since around 2008 and they still do ok. I'm starting to do some research on new set as I'm playing regularly again. This has been very helpful.

  10. I've been using some Spalding clubs since I was 14, I got them from my dads friend. I think they are from the Late 1980's. I'm Left handed so the price seems a bit higher to replace them. It is probably time, since they are 30-40 years old, The Woods that came with it are made of Wood. I have broke most of them, and replaced with newer ones in the late 1990's Should probably replace them as well.

  11. I haven't played for 25 years and back in the game using my old clubs – they were awesome at the time and got me to a 7 handicap so I can't honestly blame the clubs for my woeful scores at this point lol…

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