Ian Poulter Golf Clinic – Woburn Junior Invitation Day 2013

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FULL ARTICLE AND EXTRAS: http://golfjuice.tv/blog/ian-poulter-golf-clinic-woburn-junior-invitation-day

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Ian Poulter invitation day. Ian Poulter hitting golf shots at Woburn golf club.Talking to the juniors he invited to woburn golf club from across the UK.

Ian talks about whats in his bag in general and how he set it up for the open at Muirfield gc 2013, discusses other topics such as his course planner, hydration, nutrition, his caddy, Rory Mcilroy, and many more topics.

Ian Poulter hits sandwedge, pitching wedge, nine iron, seven iron, five iron, three iron, rescue wood, three wood and driver.

Ian Poulter shows how to hit a lower flighted driver, which is useful in windier conditions.

Ian Poulter is the tour pro for Woburn golf club, located between Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Woburn golf club stocks Ian Poulter design clothing




Steve Pete says:

I would say his swing matches his personality. Very quick tempo. Did he
really hit his stock fade 7 iron 178 yards into that wind? 

GolfJuiceTV says:

Thanks for watching guys! Appreciate it!

James Cowan says:

seems very arrogant from this footage. 

mikey b says:

Ian is quality

Patrick H says:

Poulter needs a golf clinic himself. He was Shocking today at Royal

golfmaniac007 says:

how boring

Chad Collins says:

I remember when people would say John Elway wasnt any good because he
“couldnt win the big one”. I havent heard from those people in awhile. 

beniteztheconman says:

He hasnt won a major…because he is nowhere near good enough to win
one…not because he has no coach.

bruce wayne says:

due for a break thru!

Tom Whiting says:

Ian Poulter Golf Clinic

hardcoremofo says:

he gets like 100K to do this?

FitFast8 says:

I like the idea of it too, but as sport gets more competitive other guys
will just be that little bit better than him-its only a shot or two. I’m
actually amazed how good he is without coaching-someone like Foley would
suit him-I’m sure Ian’s had chats about it with Rose

FitFast8 says:

Maybe, maybe not. Jack was an exception to the rule-I’m pretty sure all
major winners in the last 10 years have had coaches. If I was Poulter I’d
be giving myself that edge-currently his ego is getting in his way. It’s
not necessarily about changing the swing at all-just the confidence that
comes from having a top level coach and mentally knowing all angles are

James Sexton says:

Jack Grout was Nicklaus’s teacher (coach) and Jack referred back to him
periodically during his playing career.

mavallarino says:

what was the question @ 34:25?

FitFast8 says:

Now I understand why Ian hasn’t won a major-because he’s too stubborn to
have a coach.

David Schultz says:

12:13 sounded phenomenal

Jordan Sheppherd says:

Thats a bit of a stretch. Nicklaus didn’t have a coach and he won 20 majors.

GolfJuiceTV says:

“Did you practice that?” referring to Ian’s bunker shot.

GolfJuiceTV says:

He does this for free to help develop junior golf and give something back.

Jordan Sheppherd says:

You’re probably right. The game has changed quite a bit since Jack played.
On the other hand, I kind of like the idea of a guy who does his own thing
instead of surrounding himself with a bunch of coaches. If only he could
summon the kind of play he shows at the Ryder Cup – he’d be in contention
in nearly every major.

Ian Hamilton says:

Great video, Thanks.

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