Inconsistent Golf Swing? AVOID the Common Mistakes with Hips

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This feel will change your game especially for older golfers who resist or turn their hips too much during the swing but with a simple move on back and down swing it's easy ▶ Magic For An Effortless Golf Swing

In this video, you will learn how to keep your hips from turning and improve your swing.

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Do you know how to rotate the hips correctly in the golf swing? If not, you're probably rotating them wrong! In this video, we'll show you how to rotate the hips correctly so you can hit the ball further and straighter.

If you're struggling to hit the ball good, try this golf swimg to fix your hip turn and rotation. By rotating the hips correctly, you'll be able to hit the ball straighter and farther, improving your golf game in the process!

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Why should you not turn the hips in the golf swing if you are an older golfer?

Older golfers should not turn the hips too much in the golf swing because it can cause a loss of power and accuracy. Turning the hips too much can cause the golfer to lose connection with the ground, and can lead to a flat golf swing plane and a swing that is too inside-out. This can lead to an inconsistent and inaccurate swing that produces slices or pulls. It can also cause the golfer to come over the top and hit push shots or hooks.

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Additionally, turning the hips too much can cause the golfer to lose connection with the ground, leading to an inconsistent and inaccurate swing that is a flat golf swing plane and behind.

Why should you not resist the hips in the golf swing backswing?

Resisting the hips in the golf swing backswing can lead to a number of problems. It can cause the golfer to be too upright and lack power, or it can cause the golfer to become too flat and lose accuracy. Additionally, it can cause the golfer to lose connection with the ground, and makes it difficult to generate a proper swing plane. This can lead to inconsistency in the golf swing and loss of power and accuracy.

What ground force should you use in golf swing hip movement?

Ground force should be used to initiate the hip movement in the golf swing. Generating ground force involves the golfer pushing into the ground with their feet, legs, and hips, while maintaining a stable base. This will help the golfer to generate power and accuracy in their swing. Additionally, it helps the golfer maintain balance and connection with the ground throughout the swing.

This applies to the backswing and downswing

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you simple tips to improve your golf swing. Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having YOUR perfect golf swing.

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LGUO says:

The windup of torso creates a powerful coil. Unwind up this coil to create a tilted club plane. Makes perfect sense.

VR Golf with Fatherfungus and Golf+ says:

A salute to you and other YouTube golf Content Creators that help golfers with their golf swings. It also translates over to the VR golf community as well (the ones using realistic physics) so I wish you all the best this holiday season. I hope that you and other content creators can help spread the wonderful sport and past time that has been, is, and always will be, golf.

Tom Lauritsen says:

You way explaining and making it so much easier, is absolutly fantastic and has improved my golf so rapidly. Ever since I adopted the wining up instead of rotation, I regained the joy of playing golf, because it gave me so much more stability. I am really grateful for your online instructions and I do recommend you to all my golffriends. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. Greetings from Denmark🇩🇰

Raymond Medemblik says:

Does that mean the shaft gets more vertical and does that apply to the driver as well

Joe Calvacca says:

What actually starts the takeaway?

Patrick Noel says:

Excellent. Merci🙏😘

J H says:

Dumb question but is rotating same as turning. Rotating like a coil to build momentum then uncoiling to generate power from hips and legs and to create lag in the swing with the right rhythm

Michael Hernandez says:

Great reminder. Very easy to understand and goes well with your no shoulder turn video from about a year ago.

Lenard Tan says:

Great Advice tips

ERIC S says:

I was watching an old video with a guy named Dunaway, and he was talking about the exact same motion, and I liked it.

Sodthong says:

The Art of Simple Golf in one simple tip…

Frank Canzanella says:

That’s what Rory MacIlroy does!

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