Where Speed Really Comes From In The Golf Swing

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D&L Encontre says:

How do you get 107 MPH with just your upper body and I can't get over 90 with my whole body? Is this just a physical limitation ie(slower twitch muscles, arm length etc)?

MastNasty says:

Outstanding video! Thanks Clay

Jason Penney says:

Now Clay…..come on…sequencing the lower body while using ground force is what that “using the legs” means.

Devin says:

Anyone who does speed training will know that 127 is CRUISING. Great video

Truth, Life & Fishing says:

I would have been interested in the club head speed at the horizontal through section when the club came off the bag.

Mike Sumaquial says:

Great video! Thank you. I think the more accurate way to describe the "upper body/arms" swing is the the use of the wrists to create a leverage angle. If you just used the "arms" through the use of your deltoids to move the arms while keeping the wrists locked, there would be very little power.

AND says:

Love how you are able to articulate your instructions. Thank you.

BK P says:

I really love your lesson 🙂 I want to more perfectly understand.. plz give me korean sub~~🙏

Jules C says:

I think your demonstration is great but I think your tool to mesurate speed is not accurate… 107mph with no rotation is strange and the 127mph doesn't look like … Smash factor only 1,36 with a good hit strange also ! Maybe the ball speed is good but not the club head speed.

andy96356 says:

107 arms only ,thats pretty fast

Dan Bennett says:

So use both and you’ve got a 171 mph club head speed

Tom Settles says:

Clay – John Daly turns his chest with left arm glued to his left pec and at impact, his left shoulder is 10-12" higher than his right shoulder. Same with Dustin Johnson, Cam Champ, etc. Isn't this position at impact only achieved if your downswing is powered by the chest/upperbody turning and dragging your left arm along for the ride thru impact? This is what makes these guys so consistent – turning the upper body instead of an armsy swing. I would love for you to analyze and make a video on this, because all of the long hitting PGA players are in this position at impact – left shoulder 10 – 12" higher than right shoulder. The classic guys like Snead and Hogan appear to have left shoulder 8" higher than right shoulder at impact.

Merkeva 1 says:

one of the best videos you made Clay

William Klein says:

Worked! Got from 79MPH to 83MPH.

Terrence.🦅🦅 says:

Does the prgr launch monitor works for the chipping or within 50 yard?

Skivis 73 says:

Just because you dont move your legs and hips does not mean that the muscles in them isn´t active. A more fair test would be having a wire attached to your belt and lift you up so you would feel weightless, and make a swing just using your upper body In such a case it would be possible to totaly "get rid" of the legs and hips.

Gary Willis says:

Can a senior golfer (76) still gain club head speed. A friend has a monitor and it’s a good day if I hit 90 MPH.

John T says:

Clay you are a beast. I can barely reach 100mph swinging like a lunatic. I’ve tried many techniques but nothing is given me big bump in speed

PapyGolf says:

Brilliant, once again. So much 'as usual' 😁.

Mystery Man says:

Wish you would've included a link to the monitor you mention & used. You said the name of it so fast, even after replaying a few times, I couldn't distinguish the name.

David Meeks says:

Clay is a tremendous coach. He helps you hit it long and straight, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Charlie Olson says:

Clay ,I get a whole lot of lag, but I can’t seem to make it draw when I try to lag.

Tom Donnelly says:

Hi Clay do you do video lessons?

Ray K says:

Another great video. Clay do you have any teaching partnerships in Canada?

Lenny Lehnertz says:

I swing as hard as I possibly can on every shot.

Merkeva 1 says:

Yea alot of people think using the ground is jumping they never torque the ground to turn and accelerate everything

Corek BleedingHollow says:

Please do a course vlog at your home course and TPC Sawgrass

Chris huang says:

great tip I hope my club speed from 120mile to 130 so love it

Barry G says:

Hi Clay, where do i find the full Knuckle Dragger video on your TSG site? Thanks

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