Increase Golf Swing Speed with this Left Hand Drill

Most all golfers are waaaaay to right hand dominant, so they must drill using the left hand in order to increase their golf swing speed. That's because that's where the leverage comes from in the golf swing. In fact, 2/3's of your swing speed comes from the release of the wrist angle. This is what is referred to as a lag angle.

When you follow my video here you will see how you can increase clubhead speed effortlessly in your golf swing. —
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7 thoughts on “Increase Golf Swing Speed with this Left Hand Drill

  1. Any chance you could stop using the term "all amateurs" sarcastically every-time you tell us what they all do wrong?
    Its pretty pervasive in your videos.

    Not all amateurs are the same nor are pros….

  2. That's more than just a drill… taking the left thumb off the club is the is how  Alex Morrison advised to grip the golf club in his 1934 classic "A New Way to Better Golf." Morrison taught Jack Grout (who taught Jack Nicklaus) and Henry Picard (who taught Ben Hogan).

  3. Overusing the right hand is not intentional. It's instinctive for human beings. Any task we would perform, where we are trying to move an object that we are holding in our hands, our brains will automatically and overwhelmingly utilize our dominant side. The transition and downswing happen in less than a second. The conscious mind is not controlling this overuse of the right side. It's coming from our subconscious mind. So knowing that overuse of the right hand is the problem is not helpful. Wha is needed is a way to re-train the brain to do something different. Taking the right hand off the club has not helped me. I have done many thousands of left hand only swings. Once the right hand is back on, it takes over. Obviously RST teaches to consciously focus on a pulling action with the left hand. That will work assuming that focus can overtake and shut down the brain's instinctive reaction to recruit the right side. I'm no expert, but I think part of the issue is that the brain misperceives the task in the golf swing to be "application of power" versus "creation of speed". If you want to slam a sledge hammer powerfully into a brick wall to demolish it, you aren't going to do that by pulling with the left hand. You need to brace for the blow, and you're going to push with the dominant side. In golf, we need speed not power. I think the brain gets confused about this. But golf teachers everywhere, remember, we're not doing this intentionally wrong. It's instinctive to humans. So help us overcome our instincts.

  4. Was out today hitting some practice balls and found I was way to right hand dominant! Increased my lag angles and distance straight away when using my left hand more in downswing!

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