Increase Swing Speed | Left Hand Drill

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Do you hold the gold club way too tight? Do you try to push the club with your right hand? Holding tight with the right hand can hold the club back and make us cast. In this video increase swing speed left hand drill we go over a good drill to help us get more comfortable with the leading hand. We'll gain more over all control as well as get acquainted with some motions that probably haven't been discovered before. Time to increase swing speed!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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29 thoughts on “Increase Swing Speed | Left Hand Drill

  1. Great drill. I went to the range and hit every other shot with just my left arm. Seemed to help so I'm going to keep trying this. My longest left handed shot was 68 yards with my 7i, but most of them were 1/2 that distance.

  2. I’ve been playing golf a long time and after watching this video, I realize how right hand dominate my swing is. My miss is slightly closing the club face at impact due to much right hand. This drill really forced me to focus on my left hand grip, even slightly change my left hand grip and focus on keeping my right hand light on the grip. Super excited about the consistency this drill is bringing to my game. Thank you.

  3. I'm 48 years old, and I'm JUST NOW going down this rabbit hole of hitting the ball with your left arm. I've always been a VERY PRODOMINATELY right hand dominate person, in all sports, since grade school. I played QB, pitched, killer forehand, you get the picture. So, it's no surprise why I tried to dominate my golf swing with my right side. Here's what swinging with the left side does for you… It delays the urge to hit from the top, and allows your weight shift, and hip turn to initiate the transition. It makes you turn the left shoulder up, post onto the left leg, AND naturally promotes forward shaft lean at impact. These are all the secrets to golf!!!!! Long flat spot through the hitting area, ball first contact, compression, piercing ball flight, good turn, amazing follow through, zero chicken wing, and most of all, effortless power. Don't get me wrong… It's gonna take lots of practice to master, but the sacrifice will be worth it. Do what Clay says. Practice left arm only swings, to get the sensation of what the correct golf swing should feel like.

  4. Great drill. I do it in my garage setup daily. 100 swings From each hand

    My dilemma is being left hand dominant and right hand golfer. Have started doing this drill with both left and right hands to build up some more strength and feel. Wondering if the LH drill should be applied to RH or am I doing this all wrong ?

  5. So here's the thing. All well and good, but the majority of golfers are right hand dominant. It is bizarre the whole set up my opinion. I know I certainly am, and play tennis too. Argument can be made to even have begun golfing left handed but that's another topic. So difficult to quiet the the arm that wants to take over so badly!! A never ending string of problems resulting from this..

  6. Hey my man watching you swing with just the left hand looks like my swing, going everywhere, but when I tried your drill I was nailing every shot straight down the middle and with distance because my right hip was firing through unimpeded it felt eerie. . . god bless you Mr Clay Ballard

  7. Cutty– I am a notorius shanker of the golf ball, After fifty years of frustration. I have found that I can hit the ball straight if I simplyremove my bottom handat impact and follow through down the line with only my left hand. That swing thought keeps me from moving forward on the downswing. I do lose a club in distance but My ball is pretty straight. By the way, the system works best on the green putting. Thanks for the drill Clay. You are a top three teacher.

  8. Hi Clay, excellent videos as always. I'm a right handed 4.0 tennis player with a pretty good one handed backhand I think haha.
    You think it would be a good idea to play golf left handed? I can just mirror my backhand stroke.

  9. Your videos have helped my game so much both in confirming what I’ve been doing right and ideas in how to improve. Shot +5 on 9 holes last weekend which is the best I’ve played in a long while. Thanks for all your wonderful tips ??

  10. I've been binge-watching these videos and doing countless number of the drills for the past 2 weeks. I'm blown away at how I now feel in full control of the club head and have such an effortless swing. I also can now easily work the ball left to right or right to left. It's awesome. Thanks so much, Clay. You're a great teacher!!!

  11. I like the way he teaches. Very easy to follow and the drills he incorporates drive home the feeling of the technique he is teaching. This drill helped me tremendously! Thank you Clay!

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