► In this video, Golf Monthly's Dan Parker talks through the eight most frustrating problems and situations that only left-handed golfers face. Whether it's a lack of choice in the pro shop or some unnecessary remarks from your playing partners, left handers have certainly got the short straw when it comes to golf so hopefully right handers will be more sympathetic towards them after watching this video!

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  1. You are NOT moaning too much! My co-workers asked me why I was left handed once. I told them, if you hand me a hockey stick/baseball bat/golf club, I'm left handed. Ask me to throw/roll a ball? I'm right handed.

  2. I mean you could always learn to hit both ways lol thats what I have done , I have always hit right handed clubs but I am naturally left handed and can turn a lot more as a lefty and so thats what I am working on .

  3. I think every point you made is basically rubbish apart from club selection and most can apply to right handed players as well.
    Most of the problems I have faced have to do with learning the game

  4. Course set up’s are normally for right handed people. But I had a local course with 2 hard dog leg lefts. Loved those holes. Could tee it up and smash it. Even with a slice it’s heading the right way.

  5. I love being left handed . At our local club last Saturday we had a group of four and three of us were lefty's. I'm 62 now and have been playing since I was 15 . I did get down to 5 briefly but played of 5-9 handicap for a big percentage of time ..Shot about eight under 70 rounds with a best of 66 and many hundreds of sub 80 rounds and being a lefty was never a real problem ..I was the only left hander in our Div 3 pennant team most of the time though . I haven't played for about the last 9 years but have re started again in 2022…Still using the old clubs . King Irons including a 2 iron to standard loft wedge and sand iron , no hybrids just a Nicklaus 10.5 Driver , Nicklaus 3 metal , and a 7 metal … That said a good friend also a lefty was telling me how hard it was for him to get a bag of new gear organised so I totally agree with you on that point especially… I'm now losing a lot of distance to lots of right handed players too…never mind , just loving playing again …

  6. This video is all wrong.

    Lefties are the best.
    And the only ones in their right mind.

    I hand my driver to righties… they get confused.

    Lefties are the besties.
    Don’t forget that.??

  7. Oh man do i know the feeling of them not being in the correct spot when i swing! They always pull up to the right side of the ball with the cart.. not realizing i need to stand there to swing ?

  8. So basically you're saying that the biggest problem faced by lefties is … being a lefty.

    Every single one of these was a variation of the theme of not being able to get or try kit, or that your (gasp) right-handed playing partners are forgetful or unsympathetic douchebags.

    The only ones that were valid here are the general difficulty getting and trying equipment (though that is only one problem, not the three or four that you made it out to be) and the one about finding a clean lie on a winter mat – to be fair I hadn't thought of that. All the other things you mentioned are equally faced by all golfers.

  9. Great video and comments. As a lefty, I’m usually playing with a right handed partner. None of us are good enough that we don’t slice bombs, which inevitably sends us hundreds of yards apart with ONE CART…”yeah, I’ll take my rescue hybrid, 5, pw, and putter with me…have a nice ride.”

  10. Think the equipment is definitely a big issue, however the other issues seemed to be fishing in my opinion. Just gotta be patient with your buddies learning how to play with a lefty

  11. Thank you sir you gave me allot to think about…is there a beginning set I can buy that is left handed that won't cost me too much I love your video

  12. Great video. But to be clear Phil Mickelson is not left handed. Just uses left handed golf clubs.

    Being a right handed player with left handed club is advantageous in some ways.

    Jordan spieth is the opposite, he’s left handed and uses right handed gear. Both have great short game. And control on full swing with the main lever of the the swing in their more dexterous dominant arm.

  13. Back in the 90s, it was a pain to get youth clubs for me…mom always had to special order…finding used clubs took all weekend of going to garage sales and flea markets. But such is life for a lefty…

  14. Is it best for a fresh beginner lefty to just play right handed from the start? From what i'm gathering here is that i pretty much won't get to play with the rental clubs at local courses :/

  15. My two additions as a fellow lefty are:
    Pulling the golf cart up and parking it for a right handed shot. I frequently have to ask the driver to move the cart.
    Most golf instructional books are written from a right handed perspective. I've spent years translating instructions into language for a lefty.

  16. As a lefty think u missed most issues major issues golf coarse are designed buy right handed folk so most coarse s go cloak wise ie out of bounds on 90 per cent golfers slice so lefty go go ob rh go in coarse love to play a lefty design coarse

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