Iona Takes on Royal Portrush! | The Open Championship 2019 | Golfing World

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ricky100593 says:

5:54 sweet shot

The Art of GNAR says:

I think I am in love…with Iona. Great course, beautiful presenter.

Karl Edwidge says:

Nice to watch a good golfer presenting a splendid golf course.

Jaimee Mather says:

What a presenter…bringing golf alive….entertainingly descriptive….enthusiastic and enlightening…..and of course the fabulous accent ???????

Mashie niblick says:

this young lady certainly knows her stuff, lovely video, and Iona seems to have a nice tidy golf swing.

Stephen Hutcheon says:

Iona beats Paige Spirinac every day of the week.

Lou Alcaraz says:

I really loved anna whiteley but iona is a great replacement. She's a much better golfer, too.

chazza47 says:

Easy way to boost memberships at golf clubs, just have an Iona at each club

Colin Rud says:

she's just beautiful ?⛳


Iona is beautiful, a real 8 out 10!!

J Grif says:

Great swing?

MrTkeddo says:

This must’ve been done at the same time Rick Shiels did his vlog of Portrush.

DPK12 says:

One of the best introductions to this superb course

Tom Bain says:

Iona you're presentational skill and golfing knowledge would make you the ideal (BBC) TV Anchor Presenter. Articulate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic without being OTT. Great job Iona

Mark L says:

Fantastic vlog & lovely golf. ???

Raymond Lee says:

Nice one Iona, you really can play?

Tigerburningbright says:

A pint of your bath water please

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