NCG vs. Royal Portrush: The legendary shots the stars will be taking on at the Open

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In a few weeks, the world's best will gather on the northern coastline of Northern Ireland for the 148th Open Championship at Royal Portrush.

Normally the NCG team would put together a film recreating famous shots from previous Opens at that year's venue, but as Portrush has only hosted golf's oldest major once – in 1951 – finding footage has proved difficult.

So instead, Dan Murphy and Mark Townsend headed to Rory McIlroy and Darren Clarke's stomping ground to predict what shots the pros will face in July and see if they could pull them off.

Have you played Royal Portrush? Let us know how you got on in the comments below.

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Matt Lawson says:

Hilarious. Well done.

Rodney Mounsey says:

Mark looks like someone shot his dog?

Peter Earp says:

Played that 16th into the wind. I hit a 1 iron expecting it to be short, left myself a 1 foot put for a birdie
Was a memorable shot I won’t forget as it was straight as a die, just a foot from holing out
I did get a hole in one, on another visit but it was on the wonderful Pitch and Put Course
I love that Coast it’s magical apart from the weather

jimmy rustles says:

Some more enthusiasm and charisma wouldn't go astray, lads. Jesus wept that was dull.

Nono says:

Both shit speakers???

Mike Northern says:

I hope y’all brought enough golf balls.

Chris Snape says:

It would have been good to see exactly what lie they were left with after their shots. Wouldn't even have to play them just a quick look would of made a better video. Still entertaining, What a scary course. Rory shot 61@16

Celtic 67 says:

What a full pair of cunts?

Erick W says:

2:37 awesome fist bump doode

10CCLO says:

Good god…Mark……yawnnnnn, zero personality

Chris Mooney says:

Jesus these must be the WORST presenters I've ever seen. Boring, uninformative and not a clue…

Alan Ramsay says:

God this is a dull video. Less chat please

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