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Is this the best beginner set of golf clubs? Neil Tappin takes the Wilson X31 package set to the golf course to see what you get for your money. He puts the clubs through a few challenges – off the tee and hitting shots into the green – to find out. He also talks through what you get from the putter and the bag. If you are looking to kit yourself out with golf clubs from a standing start, could this be an option?

Wilson X31 Full Review:

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wafflepiepancake says:

Great review.
Just got myself a Wilson Men's Platinum box set, hopefully it does well

Andreas says:

I bought the Wilson X31 when I first started my golf journey back in 2016. The set has served me well, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get into the sport but doesnt want to splash completely out on equipment.

Although X31s are maybe of an older generation (i can see a few design changes), I have been very happy about them.
Irons: Quite forgiving, has held up well and the grips are still good.

Driver: Maybe the weaker point of the set. Very flexible shaft, which does not suit me. I think the difference in distance, compared to better drives I have tested, is maybe 20%.

Hybrid: works better with the flexible shaft, but still not as good as higher end ones. But ultimately has served its purpose.

Putter: Also OK, and I am still using it even though I have upgraded my irons and clubs. I would recommend to have another grip put on. It improved my game and steered my away from having to purchase a new putter.

Bag: Zippers are shit, and the thing you pull comes easily off. Been using it mostly on my cart, but it is also ok for carry.

Daniel Turkington says:

Any recommendations on what website to buy then off? I'm clueless even though I work at a golf range with pga Pros around me 24/7

Tom May says:

Hi great video, I bought this set in April this year. Does anyone know the lofts of the wedges as looking to purchase a gap wedge ?

Kym Stock says:

Been there, done that! I bought a beginner's set, which a few years later proved to be wrong move.
What would make sense to me would be for Cleveland/ Wilson/ Tour Edge would be to offer a half set of their more forgiving clubs for beginners, who could later fill in the gaps. It would establish a brand loyalty trend. My example would be ( using Cleveland) a XL light 12 degree driver, Hywood 3+, 24 degree hybrids, 34 degree 8 iron, 44 degree PW, 54 degree SW and a putter. yes more expensive than a starter set initially, but not in the long run. The half set make a lot of sense for those carrying their bag and great for travelling too.

Ken Brown says:

the position of the pockets is worth considering as well. for a relatively unskilled golfer, having the balls carried higher in the bag is useful because they will likely be getting a new ball more often.

FordF says:

Hard to beat that price for everything you need to get going. Second hand clubs still very expensive IMO after the Covid surge in demand so £350 would only get you some rather beat up looking gear. (Some second hand iron sets for say £250 look like they’ve been run over by a car) Good idea these sets before you go shelling out £1000s on the high end stuff.

Light fairy says:

I have old school Wilson X-31 irons be good to see the new vs the old irons

Profesor Major says:

I started with golf in September this year and my starting set is very similar – the Wilson ultra XD Levitator. It is probably a very similar set.

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