It's ALL OVER… If no one WANTS these GOLF CLUBS!?

We take a look at arguably the most popular and overpriced set of irons for the last two years, mainly as the majority of beginners desperately wanting to play them?

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12 thoughts on “It's ALL OVER… If no one WANTS these GOLF CLUBS!?

  1. Have a set of Eye 2’s (2-L $150)

    Building another but you have once again influenced my thinking…not hard

    All the best, Si


  2. when you can fetch a hybrid 18 to 25 degrees all week for 30usd the three iron for 50usd sounds ludicrous and yess those hybrid will have Gucci shafts. gotta love the colors

  3. I’m still using ping isi k from 1996 that my grandparents bought me in high school. Still love them and will ply them till I brake them. Thank you for the video and content

  4. Had ping g20 sold them worst thing I ever did bought callaway rogue the replace they lasted 6 months

    Bought ping g max all I can say is back to enjoying golf again love them

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