It's Almost Impossible To Strike Your Irons Without Doing This First

Without knowing this you will find it almost impossible to consistently strike your irons. Here's what you need to know ?

1. Easiest way to improve your strike is by a simple change to your set up. this takes just 5 seconds and is the fastest way I know to improve you ball striking and your golf swing.

2. The golf swing is a circle but if your circle is always changing your chances of hitting consistent iron shots is almost zero. In this video Danny Maude gives you such a simple drill to maintain your circle and therefore the consistency of your golf swing.

3. Finally, tension is a killer to your golf swing. If you can learn to remove tension you won't just improve your strike but you will instantly hit the golf ball longer.

Here's the Practice Plan for this video

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Thanks for stopping by. I created this website as a resource just for you to support you on your golfing journey as I know how tricky learning this game can be…to say the least!

I personally found learning the game too long and difficult in the early days. I read all the books, watched all the videos but my game was not improving. Then after studying various forms of neuro science, motor learning, psychology and personal development in less than two years I went from struggling golfer to the final stage of the Open Championship.

On YouTube and my personal website ( I will bring you the most up to date training, training that is getting tangible results for my clients right now. I don’t know where you are in your golfing journey, you could be just starting out or maybe your body isn’t as flexible as it once was or you’ve got ambitions to slash your handicap. Wherever you are I’ve created a place here you can learn, share your ideas, ask questions and get all the support you need to enjoy this great game.

Be prepared though. If its a quick fix you are after Im not your man. Here I will give you step-by-step advice that you can take straight to the practice ground and apply to the course but it will require you to get stuck in, screw up…a lot, practice some more and then watch those scores tumble

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching thousands of students all around the world and if you are up for the challenge and are ready to get in the game…LETS GO TO WORK!


This golf lesson provides a couple of wonderful drills to help you hit your driver straight.If you are a beginner golfer and are looking for some golf driver tips that are simple and easy to do then you are going to love this.

I will show you the golf swing slow motion so that you can see what you need to do to improve.

We look at 3 things:

1. How to stop slicing your driver
2. How to swing more in to out or how to swing more inside out
3, How to get the correct impact position with driver

and I hope to do all this with simple golf tips so you can create an effortless golf swing

23 thoughts on “It's Almost Impossible To Strike Your Irons Without Doing This First

  1. Danny is the only golf coach on YouTube that I actually trust when he says, ‘after this lesson, you will be fine.’ The man was born to do this. ???????

  2. As soon as my right elbow bends and wrists break on the backswing I end up with a carotid shape instead of a circle. I guess if I can keep it all in a single plane it will do.

  3. One of the most common sense, and easy going instructors I've ever seen. Easy to follow and understand, and with a sense of humility as well. Well done!

  4. Great tip Dan. I took this to range today. What helped me the most was the shaft lean, I was taking the iron away on the back swing smoother & getting in the correct position at the top enabling me to get that snap at contact. (Your wording in a previous video). Dan, how about a video for the correct set up for hybrid & fairway swing. Cheers mate Ray.

  5. Thanks Danny, a great video. Certainly identified where my swing is inconsistent through being too tense overall. Learning to relax & turn the body correctly will provide consistent ball strikes & accuracy. ?‍♂️

  6. My shots with irons and wedges were so much better from the advice you give. Missed a chip from around 30 yards by a less than a foot today. Really appreciate the advice.

  7. Great lesson Danny, I’ve been working on weight transfer for a while now and while not perfect the strike when I do my part is so much better. Thank you for the great content as always ????

  8. Hi Danny – another great coaching video, as always. And as far as sharing with friends is concerned, for years now I have recommended your videos to other guys at my golf club and, to begin with, some would say “Danny who?” Jump forward a few years and as we walk round our beautiful links course, chatting about golf coaching videos, a number of those same guys now say to me “You should check out a coach called Danny Maude, he’s brilliant!” I smile because I like to think I blazed a trail for you in some small way. My playing has improved massively, even since I had a bad shoulder injury a year ago and my regular four ball now pass comment as I strike my irons really well, “I suppose your mate Danny taught you how to do that!” We laugh but I always respond “Of course, Danny is always spot on!” Now they also watch you. Do I get commission?! ? Cheers and thanks again Danny, from the Giant’s Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland. ☘️??⛳️

  9. Thanks Danny, working on those elbows in. It's the relax and flow through the swing that's the hard part! Great 18th. to the club house there.

  10. I spent an hour and a half on the range today with full-swing wedges (P, A, 52, 50) prior to watching this video. I eventually got consistently hitting ball first. Wish I would have watched the video first. I would have saved some trial and error. I spent a lot of time with ball position and found I was too far from the ball. Getting closer allowed better control of the swing arc and hitting ball first. Grip pressure and "looser" arms allowed a better swing tempo. One thing that you really reinforced was the center hips/shoulder on the ball. It allowed better balance w/slight weight forward, which reduces that fat shot. Heading back to the range with your clarifications as soon as the rain clears. Thanks for your commitment to this channel.

  11. I’m a beginner and then there are so many things to think of. But practicing I noticed that that I need not only to loos up and relax my grip but also pay attention to my breath. And the right breathing is something golf coaches never mention. It helped me a lot though.

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