3 Simple Driver Tips that work (golf swing basics)

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Make your drier work fro you with these simple swing fixes.


Gary Hughes says:

What great, simple and effective advice all in one,, for free…

ridegriff50 says:

How long is that shaft?😳

christopher sipple says:

What's with the wrap, tho not a color thing, but why ?

Corynsboy says:


Randall Lum says:

Thank you, Mark! Aloha!

Jason Nicol says:

Thoughts Mark?
I think the left foot finishing position makes a huge difference to the release. I have a bad left knee, so jumping at it, at strike, allows my foot to spin round without having any weight on it, really helps.

Michael Greenhalgh says:

Been really struggling with driver. Lesson definitely needed.

Dartanian1959 says:

Bullshit. What if you simply can't physically.?

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