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Written by: Alex Myers

A clip of Tour pro Rhein Gibson throwing a putter headcover at his caddie on the final hole of the Bahamas Great Abacao Classic was the talk of the golf world Wednesday evening. Later that night, his caddie responded with another video that's also sure to go viral.

Brandon Davis, the caddie called for a one-stroke penalty for prematurely picking up Gibson’s golf ball out of a hazard, filmed a spirited defense of what he did on the 18th hole from his hotel room.

“This is going to go viral and it should, because I got fired today on national television. I did. Because I did something that I did not think was wrong and it wasn’t wrong, but I have to defend myself,” Davis says in the video. “And I’m doing it, because I believe in the truth. And if I was wrong, I would admit that I was wrong.”

Davis deciding to go shirtless for the video (“I apologize. . . I’m disgusting. I was on the golf course all day.”) and at one point demonstrating where Gibson’s ball was found by using a lamp and a tissue box won’t hurt the video’s chances of being seen widely. But he certainly gets his point across.

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Davis argues that he was allowed to pick the ball up even though Gibson hadn’t given him explicit consent to do so, because Gibson had already clearly indicated he wouldn’t play it from where it was found. But a rules official informed him that Gibson would be assessed an additional penalty stroke after taking his drop. The extra stroke gave Gibson a bogey and dropped him from T-2 to solo third. Gibson finished T-3 the week before with Davis, who is not his full-time caddie, on his bag.

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“I go, ‘it’s in the hazard! The thing’s dead, man,'” Davis says of his interaction with a “sweaty” rules official. “It’s dead! It’s freaking dead!”

Here's the USGA decision (26-1/9) Davis was informed of by a friend after that he feels vindicates him:

“This needs to go out! I’m defending what I did. I was ripped on the Golf Channel today,” Davis says at the end. “Thank you, Steve Burkowski, thank you, Phil Blackmar, even Tripp Isenhower. You can rip me all you want, but I did nothing wrong, man. I did nothing wrong!”

Amazingly, he also doesn’t think Gibson did anything wrong by throwing the headcover at him. Davis says the Aussie plays better mad and at the time, he thought he deserved it.

“And yes, did he throw a headcover at me? Yes. Did he fire me on the spot? Yes. Did he have a reason to? Yes. Until I found this! So that’s all. I’m actually in a pretty good mood tonight.”



stevee c says:

Man up caddie you don't have to take that!  Sincerely Elin Nordegren

J. Rayna216 says:

Are u attempting to make people click unsubrice? You do some annoying things. Playing the “it’s freaking dead, man. It’s dead” over and over was Aggravating as all hell.

Trump Tight says:

Me – "bro can you bond me out of jail? I just beat the shit out of a golfer for throwing his head cover at me on national TV."

Lesson Asperger says:

stupid caddie lol

Mike Smith says:

I woulda snapped all his clubs and threw them in the drink

gamejr84 says:

I can't believe the Seahawks didn't run the ball.

jake ashpaugh says:

I would of threw the head over back with a haymaker lol

SerenityNow says:

if you're gonna make a video that might go viral, put a fucking shirt on.

M. Rees says:

Golden Rule of Caddying:Don't EVER touch a players ball unless ordered to directly by the player. Doesn't matter where the ball is…you just don't do it. Now if he threw a headcover at me, I'm throwing his clubs in the water. Wouldn't have taken that type of disrespect lightly.

Påtänd says:

Fuck Gibson!

Robert M says:

The player is the goof here; low class in the extreme.
I looked him up he has never won anything professionally maybe because he is unprofessional.

Chuck Taylor says:

The caddie screwed up and won't admit his error, so grow up dude. Gibson was an asshole.

JAM says:

what a shitty cut video.

Drinkwater 7 says:

The caddie’s probably upset with himself for being a bitch and not decking the aggressive player for throwing that thing in his face. Personally I would have karate kicked the cunt on the nose. How do you like that bit of caddie justice you shit in the water fucker.

kewl malibu says:

Gibson should learn to strike the ball better and stay out water. Never move or touch a players ball unless you are told to do so.

Randy Bailin says:

I'm sure I speak for many when I ask: "Who is Rhein Gibson?" Never heard of the bloke.

David James says:

Maybe this ex caddie should work as a first responder like for serious traffic accidents. Hey is that motorcycle accident victim ok? (ex caddie): "He's dead man", He's dead, He's freakin' dead!"

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