Jon Rahm Forced to Withdraw as the Leader after positive Covid Test | CBS Sports HQ

Rick Gehman & Doug Bell join CBS Sports HQ to talk about Jon Rahm's withdrawal from the Memorial Tournament.


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22 thoughts on “Jon Rahm Forced to Withdraw as the Leader after positive Covid Test | CBS Sports HQ

  1. This is shameful, he is outside in the sun and doesn’t have any contact with anyone. Shame on PGA. The officials who took him reminded me of fascist dictatorship regimes. It looked like when the political opponents are taken away by dictatorship of Iran And never seen again, I never thought I would see this kind of behavior in so called free world. This is why I would never vaccinate

  2. Guess what. I just cancelled the PGA tour from my attention and fanhood forever. This was a crime committed by lowlife Satanists. Atleast Rahm came back and stuffed a US Open Win up their a ss.

  3. So now he got the jab and says he should have got it sooner. Wake up you sheep. This was a propaganda move by the pga, msm, and the dirt bag that went along with it. This is exactly why I never watch any of this garbage. Wake TF up!!!!!!

  4. Oh well!!! Playin stupid PLANdemic games wins ya stupid prizes!!!! Just like the 1.7 Million it cost this young fella!☝️?!.. but.. oh well! He CAN afford it!!!. Better stay home and polish your clubs!!! And don’t forget!!! Wear your Biden Mask!!! ?!!???

  5. My niece had Moderna Vax in January as a healthcare worker. She has had COVID positive test twice since. Very mild symptoms, but positive with a vaccination.

  6. Its golf, the guy can distance himself and half the country has been vaccinated already. Its ridiculous at this point that people are still being punished merely for “testing positive”.

    Also this virus is not Ebola. People need to get a grip, already.

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