Junior Golf Lesson 3 Fundamentals with Justin Scott

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Parents often want to know how to help their junior golfer. We can help, with a unmatched school in terms of College golfers and State champions, we know junior golf development!

Here are my personal 3 Fundamentals for all junior golfers;
1. Power
2. Balance
3. Target – If you do not know where you are going, you never get there.

Parents, always encourage your kids to do these 3 things. Let us teach the Grip and swing mechanics, your relationship will be much stronger if you do!!

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As a PGA Golf Instructor, It's a pleasure to create golf instruction video tips and drills. Thank you very much for taking the time to watch them. If they help, let me know!

I offer a variety of golf instruction in Greensboro, North Carolina; Private Instruction, Group Instruction, Half & Full Day Golf Schools, & Junior Academy Clinics. Lets accomplish your golf goals today!

Contact me at jscott@precisiongolfschool.com or 336-510-4653.

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