Keegan Bradley and Miguel Angel Jimenez dispute at Cadillac Match Play

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DjTak3On3 says:

I would sack that caddy, he should know his place!

Tony Tanti says:

Keegan is such whiney dork….he’s the next bubba…he’s playing like crap
so he beaks off….Jimenez at 51 would kick his scrawny ass

Dellino Wilson says:

Smh. Glad this wasn’t Daly or Woods. Kegan knew he had a chance with
Miguel, but if it were a bigger and younger golfer, Bradley would be
picking himself up off the ground. 

Andy M says:

Miguels pulse never got above 85 the whole time.

carlso66 says:

looks like Miguel was trying to peacefully settle things but Keegan wasn’t
having it.

Michael Greene says:

I’m no fan of Jiminez…..but the way Bradley and his caddy acted, during
the incident and afterwards, they should be absolutely ashamed of
themselves. I bet they are pretty embarrassed this morning. Bradley owes
Jiminez an apology…. he also needs to get rid of his half-witted caddy

Sarasota Joe says:

Love it! ‘Bout time some real emotion gets put on display on the PGA Tour.
Jimenez almost went from “most interesting” to “most ass-kicked” man in the

Tom Mitchell says:

It doesnt matter what Jimenez said (for what its worth I don’t believe he
would have told the caddy to shut up) you don’t square up to your opponent
like Bradley did. Totally unprofessional and lacking any class at all.

DjTak3On3 says:

Keegan is a jackass , anyone who wears shoes like that is a douche!

bob inesis says:


zeldamario4 says:

Keegan Bradley’s caddy showed he has no class at all. It was not his
argument, and at the end of the match you should shake the other person’s
hand. Really disappointed in the way he acted

stackleft says:

At 1:118 Pepsi came back over to try and start shit up again. He should
have been fired. Not your place to start shit w/ tour pros. You’re the bag
boy. These caddies think they’re hitting the shots or something. Carry the
bag and shut the fuck up.

Hacker2024 says:

Who the hell does Bradley’s caddy think he is????? Trying to square up to
Jimenez at the end? He should be kicked off the tour for that and Keegan
should be fined. An absolute disgrace the pair of them.

chemari 1235 says:

Miguel Ángel Jiménez is cool 

Andy Bollenbacher says:

What a dick @ 1:49 … won’t even shake his hand.

Tim Chung says:

caddie shouldve kept his fucking mouth shut

Benjemen85 says:

The caddy shouldn’t have said anything, what a prick……this is between
the players and only the players

MattGolfTV says:

Is it bad that I kinda love when this happens 

bumrusherer1985 says:

Keegan forgetting that he is a golfer. The fighters are in Vegas right now.
Childish shit.

brucedickinson12 says:

typical american .

Jeremy Bader says:

some pretty speculative and ridiculous comments below, you really can’t
quite tell what really happened here, so there’s no need to speculate,
better to look up the facts

KaiserVonWilhelm1 says:

I really wish that commentator would shut up so we can actually hear what
they are discussing. Its just bad TV skills that your talking over what the
audience really cares about hearing. We DO NOT need the play by play its
unfolding as your talking over it.

Wing Ping Fan says:

This fight would have lived up to Money vs Manny 

Dave Parks says:

This I believe was frustration on Bradley’s part knowing he was not playing
the weekend and played lousy all week.

sypen1 says:

Remind him? His a Fucken professional golfer why do you need tell him how
to take relief like its his first time playing golf or something. Mind your
own business mate. 

joe king says:

Watch that dude from “A Clockwork Orange” turn around at 0:57

Tyler Winston says:

This is not what the sport of golf is about, you’d think both men could of
shown a little more class than what they did, I can understand MAJ just
questioning a call and I can understand KB standing up for his man but, it
should of never gotten to this point in the first place.

Connor Faulds says:

keegan doesnt fit the category of “gentlemens sport”. nuff said.

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