“Scratch Golfer” Lesson On Path and Swing Direction

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Heres a “golf lesson” with “scratch golfer” “blaire Mckeithen” from me “gabriel writer”.

24 thoughts on ““Scratch Golfer” Lesson On Path and Swing Direction

  1. If Blaire is getting a new driver, maybe you can film his fitting or his
    first few shots with the new driver and his opinion on how he rates the
    club. But the fitting video would be a lot nicer to see. 

  2. Yoo Gabe, could you just clarify you that you think a straightening of the
    knee on the right leg is a good for better ball striking. I used to do this
    but was told by my coach to keep more flex in that knee throughout the
    backswing as it creates a more stable and powerful swing due to the
    resistance created from the rotation of my upper body against a quiet
    stable lower body. However I feel I was also able to generate good power
    prior to keeping my right knee flexed?.. Also good job on vids and keep
    perceiving in all you do! God bless

  3. Greats vids man. I subbed like a month ago and your vids are so
    entertaining. I’ve been going back and watching your old vids. Also I was
    wondering if you can help me out I take really big divots and was wondering
    if that’s bad, if so why and could you help me fix it? 

  4. Why does Blair get fit for drivers? I don’t see why you wouldn’t take
    advantage of the technology especially since it is free almost everywhere!

  5. Hey Gabe hope you had a good time in Hawaii. I was just wondering if you
    could do an update on a whats in the bag. Always love it when you do one.

  6. so to neutralize the in side out path he is more upright and swinging left.
    my only question is how do you do this drill with the driver but keep the
    angle of attack on the way up?

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