LagShot Golf Swing Trainer Review

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LagShot Golf Swing Trainer Review


smsgrad04 says:

do you really feel like it has helped with increasing lag in your golf swing?

Choco says:

Great tool….but….you still have to know the secret of the release….this device is going to be forgiving somehow…but back into real clubs…problems will creep in again

Jeremy D'Souza says:

How aboot those jeans aye?

Mike B says:

Did you try the driver? Literally ordered the 7i about four hours before finding this video. Hoping for good results. Swing is brutal at the moment, but being in Ontario was locked down for most of the winter from even indoor simulators. Had 2 rounds outdoors so far. Scores were mediocre. Need better ball compression and club head speed.

Golfing Accessories R Us says:

My husband has all three clubs and has just started working with them. Thanks for the video and review. We will see how he does.

Corey L says:

Great review! Have you continued to work with it & how has that gone? Thx

noControl says:

I would try if they just sold it like a normal club instead of their scammy looking website.

Jakey says:

Wow, that new super senior flex looks wild!

Rich Ags says:

kept waiting for you to turn around…thought those were assless chaps you had on there…

Kevin Johanson says:

Currency conversion is hilarious! Very funny!

Benoit Cournoyer says:

Love the review, but WTF are those pants all about?

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