Left Shoulder At The Ball For Insanely Good Contact

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28 thoughts on “Left Shoulder At The Ball For Insanely Good Contact

  1. Just watch AMG and you'll see how wrong this advice is. There are some concepts they are discussing like coming off the ball and telling you what not to do that are legitimate but the how they are explaining what to actually do are very wrong and no pros do that.

  2. Heyo Eric! I definitely don't tilt enough, but when I do my head is absolutely not staying in the circle. However, I am able to shallow and rotate much much better when I tilt, which is weird. But how do I keep my head steady now??

  3. You obviously know what you're doing. But the first time i saw the S&T it looked like the begging of a reverse pivot. How do you work in the weight transfer? I had a horrible reverse pivot years ago. I made me quit golf.

  4. I like to mention a funny moment in this video at minute 8:30 – Look at the boy in the background.. He drops his club while looking how Tom hits a KFC again. ?

  5. Second session with stack and tilt, and absolutely flushing it! I can't believe how effective the principles are for solid contact each time.

    Thanks so much Eric and Tom ? ⛳️

  6. Great video Eric just discovering your channel! Curious how this works with a driver where you are tilting right in the setup. Keep up the great work!

  7. I disagree Tom ..shoulder down to the ground will cause too much tilt and too steep which will create a reverse pivot. This is very dangerous concept. Get your left shoulder across to your chin staying in your posture. It might feel like you are swinging more level if you have been dropping your shoulders to the ball but because you are in your posture all you need to do is turn your left shoulder “across””” to touch your chin, down staying in your posture. The problem comes if your posture changes ie with lifting your shoulders or dropping your shoulders. This will creat a more rotational move instead of rocking and blocking

  8. Yessss!! Been watching Saguto for 2 months now. He's helped me a lot with ball striking, but I was still being inconsistent at times with topping the ball and fat shots. I would go to the range and do something right, but not transfer it to the course. Also I would lose my striking to my divot board with bad strikes and multiple times just swinging the air with no contact. Worked on it a bit after watching this video. I changed and concentrated on 2 things: really focusing on pointing the shoulder at the ball (while straightening the trail leg to get tilt) and getting that forward bent relationship more than I was. Going to stay away from that "office posture"…..curious if it works for driver as well! Regardless I still had some fat shots, but more pure strikes in front of the ball on the board than I've had in weeks. Can't wait to bring it to the course on Sunday!

  9. This is a million dollars tip and no local pro ever corrected my tilt and now i am a different golfer and enjoying my game to high level. Thanks guys.

  10. Hi guys i have a tip that helped me.

    It should feel like the club is going away from the hole and your upper body is moving towards it on the backswing and the opposite on the down swing.

  11. Did it for a bit but then started to reverse pivot. I prefer to get the left shoulder way behind the ball like Arnold. I feel if I do that it forces me to get through the ball better. Obviously that’s just my personal experience

  12. Thanks so much Eric & Tom, this has been a game changer for me. I started using this advice for my rescue shots from rough, it provided me incredible power and consistency. Then I used this tip for every Iron shot, even from the tee. Do you think it can be used with driver as well ? Never tried, but I surely will ! Thanks again ???

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