Golf swing like double pendulum

A central principle of the golf swing is that your left arm and the shaft of the club should act like a double pendulum. This video explains how it works.

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17 thoughts on “Golf swing like double pendulum

  1. The swing reacts to the target whether the player consciously knows what their target is or not. The body reacts to that swing. This is the case with all sports and why all professional golfers look different while their clubs all move virtually the same, especially through impact. How do you parse this with a body first controlled arms and hands concept?

  2. I’ve just discovered this and great to get confirmation of swing. So many golf instructors simply try to get you to focus on arms in each stage of swing, which in effects sells the golf swing as an arm swing???? Only a few of you instructors actually teach this. Not one lesson did any pro tell me to swing with my body. I feel ripped off over the last 8 years since taking up game!

  3. I agree with Gilley = brilliant ! Beginners should practice this over and over until they feel comfortable with letting the club fall . The video is much more than it seems the first few times its viewed . When you " Swing " like this ( relaxed ) , you'll be playing some beautiful golf .

  4. I'm new to golf and just figured this out today, keep arms still and straight and just use your body to move them, and on the back swing they will swing up into position.

    it just all falls into place never been so simple, and it lets my mind just focus on the position of the club head and the ball.

    Never felt more natural and enjoyable before, not to mention effortless and I'm hitting the ball harder and further than ever it seems.
    And the whole weight transfer just happens so naturally

  5. My problem has always been trying to get into certain positions….i.e. Straight line impact position. Ultimately knew that tension kills but now I truly understand how to use gravity without manipulation.

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