Long Irons VS Short Irons – THE DIFFERENCE

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Long Irons VS Short Irons – THE DIFFERENCE – In this weeks Impact Show we discuss the differences between long irons and short irons. We talk through the different ball positions, postures and techniques for both irons and give you some golfing drills to help you differentiate both irons!

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12 thoughts on “Long Irons VS Short Irons – THE DIFFERENCE

  1. Where do u make the split club wise to decide which technique to use. Do I swing the 7 iron like a short iron or a long iron?

  2. What would the cut off be for short vs long irons. I assume that full wedges through 7i would be short irons and 6-woods would be the long iron swing. Or do the mids 7i-5i have a different swing based on what you want to do?

  3. One critique: teaching someone to use their trail arm to swing through is actually what has messed me up for months. I was trying to create force with my trail arm, when actually the trail arm is NOT the lead arm of the downswing. My tension was so high in my trail arm it completely overrode my swing mechanics.

  4. Thank you for posting this great content. I've been struggling hitting my 4 iron, but today at the range, I was hitting it pure because I watched this video. I was getting great trajectory too. Keep up with the great content! ⛳ ???? ???? ???????? ????????

  5. This is a valuable video to differentiate the long and short iron technic as well as release parttern to train your wrist properly. Thanks Me and my golf!

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