Longest Drive at TopGolf! OVER THE BACK

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The guys next to me asked if I could hit ‘over the Topgolf nets' So I rolled up a note and tried to full send this to the moon 🌝

How far do you think it went?! 🚀
Should I do more Topgolf content? 🙌

Let me know WHAT'S NEXT in the comments below! 👇

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Gavin Miller says:

Great ball, but the nets by me are like 20 stories high😂

Ian Visser says:

Goofy ahh grip

GO DJ HaKa says:

Can you? Very easy but thats not the goal of the game. Thags why you can do that but not hit s perfect score 🤣🤣

Andres Gonzalez says:

Will never understand the potty dance my daughter imitates right before ppl swing.

Braxton says:

That isn’t top golf

civicilian says:

Doubtful…nice swing though!

J W says:

Bottom golf at best

Gideon Rogers says:

Mike trout…..

Roman Easter says:

That ball went to space! 😳

Yeaboy23 says:

Great job but I’ve been to two top golf one in Atlanta and one in Denver and in bot of them the fence 3X higher

Mr Besser says:

Top golf at home…

RaziMemeGod says:

The better question is why would you hit it over the net? The workers tell you not to.

CB Shorts says:

Bro what kinda top golf is that

Handsome RAT says:

The net is smaller than other locations

flnks says:

Your logo is sus lol

Muichiro Tokito says:

Here in Florida the net is like almost 200 yards high (600 feet) and like 300 yards out (900 feet)

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