HAVE GOLF CLUBS REALLY CHANGED IN THE LAST TEN YEARS with Golf professional Mark Crossfield. Mark answer viewers question in tonight LIVE daily Vlog talking golf tech, golf balls, golf clubs and much more.


  1. Iphone, over priced rubbish, I sold loads of 20 plus Yr old clubs and the reason being its because u lose so much money on clubs now that a alot of the younger generation don't wanna spent money on a club that cost £300 and worth £50 in 6/7 months

  2. I just bought the Cleveland Hb Turbo Launcher 9 Degrees Stiff Flex Driver after trading in my Nike Covert. Now hitting the ball 50 metres further and I'm losing less balls to the right. The closed face at setup and stiff flex shaft has definitely assisted my development but like Mark says every day, most of the improvement has come from strike and technique improvements. Mark you're brilliant and this channel is a blessing!

  3. There's a huge disconnect in the world of Golf between what the pros are asking for, and what the average golfer needs……Therefore, the game will continue to decline as a result.

    Different equipment rules for amatures, and the touring pros is long overdue.

  4. I use an old (ish) set of TM muscle backs (TP MC's) from about 2011/12. I tried the new P790's and could see no discernable difference other than the jacked lofts.

  5. Hi Mark,
    Enjoy your Vlog's. I don't know where to start. Club mfg's keep changing club models, faster than I can keep up. They say their getting better, but with the PGA rules in place, I can not see how they would be able to. The prices of clubs are getting out of hand, that includes all golf equipment. I've been golfing for over forty years and I think its about time I retire, because I'm
    tired of the bull crap. If a fellow would take the time to add up all of his expenditures in a season, I think it would astonish him. It's totally ridiculous, and I've had enough. I will be following a few of the Vlog's just to stay in touch. Thanks Barry

  6. No need to limit beer just throw the arseholes out who shout mash potatoe etc…drunk or sober.
    I'm not sure golf equipment has made huge gains in last 10 years…other than doing a low spin everything-woods irons and tp5 ball….all devious methods they use to say our "whatever piece of equipment they are talking about" goes 7 yards further.
    But the arguement i find that shuts most people up on that is when i say "if u want to hit your 7 iron further just hit the iron with 6 on the bottom instead"
    If you give up spin you give up something that's very useful for most players for something that may or may not be as useful to you.
    Not sure many amateurs realise that pro's generate much much more spin due to their higher clubhead speeds and better striking…so they can trade some of that for distance.
    Amateurs (or many of them) don't generate enough spin so for them to give up more of it just for a bit more distance is often a mistake.

  7. The rowdy crowds are really the fault of the TV coverage. If the unimaginative producers didn’t have microphones near the core of them you wouldn’t hear it and they wouldn’t do it….

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