Louis Oosthuizen Golf Swing 7 Iron (DTL & FO), Emirates Australian Open (Sydney), December 2019.

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Louis Oosthuizen Golf Swing with a 7-Iron (down-the-line and face-on views including slow-motion), on the 4th hole (Par 3 of 211 yards) at The Australian Golf Club, (Rosebery). Video taken at the Emirates Australian Open, Sydney at the Pro-Am on Wednesday 4th December 2019.

High-speed video taken with Sony RX10 IV cameras set at 250 fps and a 1/3200 shutter speed.


Mo says:

Wow.. he’s on tour and he’s definitely casting. Imagine that 🤷🏽‍♂️

Jack Douangdala says:

Just realized my shoulders aren't supposed to be even …. duffed a lot of shots .

DuckyWucky says:

Not sure if it's just the angle but from DTL view his butt is a fair bit closer to the ball at impact compared to the top of the back swing. Would this technically be early extension? Clearly not a problem for him if it is!

iorri griffiths says:

Add a piece to that. I used to do some competitive long distance beachcasting. I could do about 130/140 yds tops with a well set up reel and rod thumping it with as much strength as I could. If I used an off the ground cast which is basically an "upside down trebuchet action", I could out it out 230/240 with very little effort. In fact if you tried to "power it" too much you'd loose distance by "interfering" with the flow of the cast. Now just gotta transfer that to my golf swing, lol. So difficult to NOT use effort and it just ruins the swing when you do. I get it a few times a round and its SOOO effortless.

iorri griffiths says:

A perfect trebuchet action. Effortless power.

ibrahim Rashid says:

no way his 7 iron goes 211 yards?

Captain Nemo says:

One of the most beautiful swings in the world. Watching it is like petting your brain.

John C says:

Interesting how Louis’ lead (left) arm doesn’t fold smoothly on the follow through. It almost looks like a ‘chicken wing’, yet it’s one of the easiest, classic looking swings on tour.

Marla Cussen says:

Everything about this golf swing is great to watch … by watching it hopefully i through I can (through osmosis) improve my own… in real time his tempo is almost poetic…

Von Small says:

This is textbook

Big Boy Pants Golf says:

7 iron from 211 yards?

Integrito says:

May I ask if anyone knows what shot shape Louis likes to predominantly play with Irons and Driver! Liked and subscribed!

phillip brown says:

What a fantastic swing so smooth and seems with no effort

ducatidad says:

Look at that bowed wrist! Awesome

Truth, Life & Fishing says:

On behalf of human kind, Thanks Michael.

Lloyd says:

Louis' swing absolutely 100% proves that you DO NOT have to shallow the club in the downswing. Sure you might have a slightly steeper shaft angle, but there's so many people out there's obsessing about getting the shaft onto a different plane.

JustJames says:

Such a Wonderful swing I could watch him for hours. 211yds with a 7i is quite staggering, and his effortlessness is a joy to behold.

Joe Hernandez says:

Interesting. He has almost no shaft lean at impact. Yet, he strikes the ball very solidly and gets good distance for his size.It’s a great example of a very fluid swing with great tempo.

Hill Picon says:

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Greg G says:

I wonder how the weight on his feet are distributed? Is it more on toe balls or heels or even? It makes a difference isn’t it?

David D says:

At 2:38 this proves the dreaded ‘chicken wing’ isn’t all bad.

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