Nelly Korda Golf Swing Mid-Iron (down-the-line & face-on), Evian Championship, Sept 2018.

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河野孝 says:


martin roach says:

I watched highlights of her win today and thought to myself "that's my swing…only wayyyyyyy better!!" I'm a 9 handicap and try to swing nice and easy all the time. She's my new model. Full stop.

Ed M says:

Nelly has the best swing out there😍

Artlife Enterprises says:

As an avid, 10-handicap gplfer, I always study the swings of players on the LPGA Tour, not the PGA Tour. Their swings are beautiful, balanced, and patient.

MartialGolf says:

What an awesome swing. More men should try to emulate this great technique instead of trying to muscle and force a swing

Donald Benson says:

It would have been good if that golf bag wasn't in the way. Really ???

Peter Hammer says:

this is very close to a perfect golf swing for a woman. Uses the ground much better than her sister.

bob baker says:

will be best golfer ever, man or woman. her swing is flawless, her training is unique.

Unknown says:

Wanna eat her

Isaac Stone says:

She has great swing.

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