Louis Oosthuizen's 500 yard drive

Watch as Louis Oosthuizen hits a colossal 500 yard drive with the help of a nearby cart path during the second round of the Ballantine's Championship in Korea.

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26 thoughts on “Louis Oosthuizen's 500 yard drive

  1. Cart path will do it easily. I am an old duffer, age 64. My typical drive is low 220-230s. I use cheap Kirkland balls. Once in a while, I'll pull a 250+ out of my rectal region. But earlier this summer I got TWO bounces that carried my ball 400. So a pro hitting one 500? Sure. Those guys are monsters on the T.

  2. I sympathize. Once I nearly drove the green on a par 4 as my drive hit a cart path and bounced high and long on it a number of times. That's golf… sometimes it works your way, other times it doesn't.

  3. One time, after my buddy and I finished the 18th, we were standing on the side of the green getting ready to go. The next group was in the fairway and was hitting. We stayed to watch one guy hit so we did not get clobbered. The ball sailed over both our heads into the parking lot, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing towards the golf course entrance, where a car had to swerve violently to avoid being struck. It went across the street, down a driveway, into a back yard. We waited for the guy to come up and I asked what he hit. " 5 iron." Well, you just hit a 400 yard 5 iron. He couldn't believe where the ball ended up.

  4. Best part is how the entire production team completely ignores the other golfer's tee shot and decides to focus on a ball bouncing down the cart path

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