Measuring Golf Clubs / Correct length for you?

I answer two questions I get all the time from viewers.
1) How do you measure a golf club's length?
2) How do you measure yourself for golf clubs length?

Link to Wrist to Floor Measurement Chart

Golf Club measuring rulers

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21 thoughts on “Measuring Golf Clubs / Correct length for you?

  1. If after measuring my clubs if I find that some are to long. What do I do to fix it? I have a tuff time with my drivers and I think they may be to long. Do I have to get new clubs or can they be modified?

  2. Question: My seven iron length is 37 which and my wrist to floor 33.50 inches. My 3 hybrid is 39.5. I seam to struggle with longer shaft's past 38''. Any suggestion? Thank you and love your video's.

  3. So have a question for you. According to the measurement and the chart I should be using a 37.5" 7 iron. I currently play a 7 iron at 37.25. Will it make that much of a difference adding a quarter of in inch?

  4. I am 6'6", and my irons are all 4 iron shafts, all set to +5". Yes, +2" is SUPPOSED to be the max, but Bill Laimbeer (former Detroit Pistons Center, 6'9", scratch) told me to go +5" and it works great and great on my back. This is because I'm all arms and legs, not long torso and the standard advice for +2" max does not take into account WHY people are tall. There are two types. The other one is long torso, like a former Detroit Lion, Joan Roque (friend) who is also 6'9" but long torso, my arms and legs are longer than his are.

  5. Got a question I've always wondered about. I was always taught when measuring with the 48 ruler, the center of the sole should be touching the ground to be considered at its playing lie. But today, I see a lot of clubs, woods especially that the score lines isnt parrallel with the ground that way. What would you say is a better indicator? Sole position or score lines?

  6. Tx MC, for this very informative vid. I’ve been looking hi n low for this info. I appreciate your work in putting this together. ?. Although I didn’t see the length chart

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