Mizuno Swing DNA – Custom Iron Fitting with Nick Faldo / The 2nd Cut

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Ben Bailey says:

@mizunogolfeurope What are the Mizuno model shoes That Faldo is wearing and are they available ?

John Magnell says:

Maybe it’s time for mizuno to upgrade shafts in the optimizer. Project X LZ 6,5 would probably have been a nice option. Just like the one he was fitted to before but a little higher flight and with an extra kick.

Julien Bonifacio says:

Amazing insight into fitting a professional golfer

TheToffee1878 says:

Nerds corner here, but I notice Faldo has now gone to an interlock grip? He was always a classic Vardon grip throughout his career. I wonder why he's made that change?

Contrary to his image as a bit of a robotic 'straight down the middle' type, I always loved watching him play. He was a consummate shot maker, an artist, even. He uses his hands like a concert violinist. Little adjustments here and there, but stunningly good grip.

simon George says:

I got dna about 16 months ago changed my game 7 strokes off from 20.4 in one season jpx 900 forged #nothingfeelslikeamizuno thankyou

Peter Smyth says:

Really good to listen too. Loved Sir Nick talking about the balatas.

Mark Lin says:

What did he go with in the end?

david r says:

He is just stripn em.

AnneMa Drou says:

Why juste sc in lefty???

Paul Hulme says:

Wow, I had the same top 3 as Faldo when I did Mizuno swing DNA ?
Went for KBS X 130 on feel ?

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