Rory McIlroy’s Third Round in Under Three Minutes

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tom ford says:

Rory is a slow starter in tournaments,in the Masters you have to start strong and finish strong ,like Patrick Reed ,I hope Rory wins it but, I’m not sure if he can

Pepa S says:

great one haha

whyahh says:


steph mill says:

Did not see a single black person in the crowd !!?? Weird or what ?

Benny Raleigh says:

Rory is a front running dog like Woods was. He can't compete. He also needs to lose his little Jewish mate and get Fitzgerald back on the bag.

jazzforJamie says:

He was a Lucky fool, hos många bettter then Stenson?

FairwayJack says:

anyone else notice McIlroy is no longer doing his scream face anymore ??

kmclfc says:

Surley those par 5s need looking at there a embarrassment to the course

Jpgundarun says:

No one gives two hoots about Rory grand slam McIlroy and Patrick Who? Reed battling it out Tomorrow (boring). Show us more of Tigger Striping it down the middle and wowing us with his magic.

Craig Harkins says:

Rory deserves a masters win. I would love him to win this year.

Frank Phammy says:

To much pressure on Rory he's not gonna to win.

proprioceptive44 says:

Nice monotone commentator

Ken Wade says:

Reed has this but I bet Rory makes it interesting.

Genesis says:

Let’s go Rory!

J T says:

Tiger never played this well

Ueda Takuya says:

Get to the grand slam!
Final day, vs Patrick Reed!
Remember the Rider Cup.

Mary Bonderud says:

Come on Rory, your fans are pulling for you.

Justin W says:

I'm sorry, maybe I'm an ol' stooge, but I was upset that the expected bad weather never materialized. Worse, a little sprinkle simply made the course more scoreable. I despise seeing six players shoot 67-65.

shortcircuit04 says:

Please, Rors, you have to win tomorrow to beat the big cheater

Bill Moore says:

Come on Rory, don't choke!!!

mike John says:

He's alright!

St Sa says:

I like Rory, here. I wouldn't mind seeing Patrick win – but Rory is so much longer. Big advantage.

Jon Riley says:

I think Rory will win. Despite the birdies Reed had 3 bogeys and ain't making two eagles tomorrow. Rory just looks a bit more solid.

btay114 - World of Tanks Replays says:

Rory the smaller and newer Tiger?

Wanrae Cho says:

Maybe Rory or Patrick or Rickie ??

roger peet says:

Rory is the greatest man of all time.                    tigar wood is over the hill.

Philip McVan says:

Hope he doesn't choke this time

No Name says:

To go bogey free on this golf course is remarkable.

golfeverysecond says:


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