Model Golf Swing paired with Tour Tempo 24/8

***Note the audio got out of sync with the video after the second swing on youtube which screws up the demonstration, but pay attention to the first swing or two and you'll get the idea***

Let me know if you care and I'll try to upload some more examples…

This is a 5-iron swing from the model pro from the EXCELLENT book SWING LIKE A PRO (…sync'd with the 24/8 timing from the book TOUR TEMPO. Both the model pro and the 24/8 tempo have been developed/verified by study of 100+ PGA pros.

1st beep-take away, 2nd beep-transition, 3rd beep-impact.

Check out the reviews on these two books at amazon and read them if you want to improve your golf game. ADDENDUM…also check out THE IMPACT ZONE. Also google….all GREAT!!!!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Model Golf Swing paired with Tour Tempo 24/8

  1. I watched this for about 10 minutes before I played today. I hit 14 greens and shot 73. I listen to George Hutton golf hypnosis in the background.

  2. Awwww….. U were lookin' 4ward 2 your so called " follow up sessions" in Florida with Todd Meena? Well boo fuckin' hoo cry a fuckin' river then drown in it, pmsl

  3. What ever happened to Model Golf; did they go bust?
    Such a shame as I was looking forward to my follow up sessions in Florida with Todd Meena.

  4. @bluepen12345 Very true. I've had every Tiger Woods game since 02 and the swing animations of each player are actually getting worse. They still think course design is more important than game play.

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