Model Moe Norman's Golf Swing in 2023

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When you match the Moe Norman Model you get Moe Norman Results. All you must do is make sure you are doing it correctly.

In this video, I present the Moe Norman model and show you what I look for when I match the model.

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About the Single Plane Golf Swing:

The Single Plane golf swing is not a quick fix golf technique. It is a system, beginning at address, that simplifies the most important moment of the golf swing – impact.

Starting at address on two planes where the arms hang straight down at address, the Conventional golf swing is complicated. Because the arms are hanging straight down, a conventional golfer must lift the body into impact creating stress on the back.

This upward movement to accommodate the two planes is unnecessary.

The Single Plane Golf swing simplifies the golf swing by eliminating the need for the upward movement by starting and impacting on the same plane.

12 thoughts on “Model Moe Norman's Golf Swing in 2023

  1. Moe's style works. I have been doing it for a month now with the training aids, book and video I purchased, well worth the money. I will keep playing this way for life, i'm 65 and first time ever killing the ball good as my Son and that is Priceless…

  2. Todd. I love your videos and everything about the single plane swing and Mo Norman that you teach and demonstrate. I have committed to the single plane swing and going well. However, do you have any guidance on the tilt forward of the upper body at address? I think I am standing too upright, which is causing a short flat backswing, although I am arriving at impact on the set up plane. What is the ideal forward tilt and how do I find that for me? Do you have any videos covering this? I noticed in this video you show of Mo, that the angle of his back forms pretty much 90% to the shaft/trail arm angle. Is this what we should be looking to achieve to match the model? Thanks.

  3. I’m firmly convinced that Moe’s way is the more efficient ( obviously) for consistency but also from a bio mechanical point of view the very best way to use ground forces naturally without pain in lower back. If I could have lessons from you!… it seems difficult from France, unless you provide online lessons. Let me know please and merci for your great vids. ?

  4. A plane is the direction, parallel to what was at set-up. Hogan however had a plane for the fist path and instead of it being fixed, Hogan’s idea was, that the down-swing plane derived to the outside of the target in order to approach the impact from the inside.

    Moe’s looping of the fists and club is the oppisite to Hogan. Both are really solid and consistent. I think Tom Watson combined these two as he referred the shoulder plane being the key for consistent ballstriking of his.

  5. Great way to end the year, going back to the proper fundamentals/positions. Still learning the single plane swing; my progress is incremental but I feel my swing is simplified and less mentally stressful. Thanks Todd

  6. I tried setting up with driver 6-8” behind the ball and it made a big difference. Thanks so much!! Look forward to learning more about the Moe Norman way!

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