Most anticipated golf clubs of 2023

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12 thoughts on “Most anticipated golf clubs of 2023

  1. Have already owned and moved along the g430 lst. I found it to have a much greater distance drop on misshits than the g425 lst. It sounds better I prefer the consistency of the older one

  2. Dude Taylormade SUCKS PERIOD. Do you live under a rock? Just to enlighten you, there’s this little company called TITLEIST and they have this thing called the T.S.r. line. AND O.M.G.

  3. I'll be sticking with my 6 year old irons and sim2 max driver and 5 wood, just about affording to get by on my earnings at the minute so new golf clubs are the last thing on my mind.

  4. Ridiculous prices go with second every time, to many different types of golf clubs, every Pro stating that these clubs are forgiving etc etc etc and these clubs, stealth overrated overpriced club of the year.
    I brought a second hand Titleist 910D2 best club in my bag straight same distance every time consistent, brought a Callaway epic not Change at all, my advice stick with what works

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