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My first round using my new golf clubs! I'm also giving away some of my old irons and wedges, so don't forget to enter the giveaway (details in the video) and watch out for scammers.

Massive thank you to Prestwick for having us down, one of my favourite tracks in Scotland, and to Dundonald Links for hosting us as we explore the east coast.

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Mark Lawrence says:

Them wedges

Jay D says:

Get the cover head socks they don’t come off and easily fit in your back pocket

Kyle Hall says:

Love the itobori irons🔥

nick brenne says:

Favorite club is probably that hybrid! Used to carry one, but it broke on the course last year and never replaced it.

Bassslayerr says:

Definitely your hybrid and irons. But to pick one single club I’m going with the hybrid! Awesome content as always 🏌️⛳️

unclejeda1 says:

Did you not just get a new set? Must be nice! 😂Losing touch with the common man

Roy Robinson says:

TaylorMade hybrid or the 2 ball putter? Ok the hybrid for sure. I love the humor in your golfing videos.

Some People says:

Stealth Driver oh yeahh!!! Love the channel bro

CatNash007 says:

You know the clubs are more traditionally lofted but your club selection doesn’t reflect said knowledge. ?

johnny two spice says:

Your Stealth 2 Hybrid is my favorite since I definitely can't hit it like you!

Tyler Jon Morrison says:

I love and respect yo immensely, Pete…but I'm seriously considering unsubscribing over your choice to use headcovers lol. Just. Don't!

Mitchel Breunig says:

Hi Pete; the irons look amazing!

Me Arman says:

getting 70's from the white tees isn't that interesting but your energy is!

Mirio87 says:

Sm9 definitely

William Waddell says:

Those irons are stunning ❤

Jake Spievak says:

Obviously the irons

Doug Sholly says:

Your bunker shots were stuff of legends. Putts were on point. Drives were terrible. Can make you lose your mind sometimes 🙂

shane Guiliano says:

Super videos' def the Stealth Driver, causes the most joy and angst in every video……….

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