Most interesting and unique tracers of the year | 2021

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You never know what you might see on the golf course. Check out some of the most extreme and unique tracers captured on the PGA TOUR in the 2021 season, excluding majors.


All the best moments on the PGA TOUR in 2021.

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Eli Higby says:

Jordan Spieth rider cup shot would of been nice

John Kurtz says:

Should have had a tracer on Hadley after hio

Fredrick Hanson says:

when you invest you are buying a day you don't have to work,,

Noah Johnson says:

You missed one. Jordan Speith's rocket to space at the Ryder Cup.

xHarpE says:

JT's just a master at shaping shots.

garethb1961 says:

I love 0:38. I've always thought, jokingly, someone should lay it up onto the island, and Todd nearly did it!

Real says:

There is only 1 tracer from 2021.

Jordan from the bank in the Ryder Cup.

Chase Burris says:

The moral of this video; JT can hit a nasty draw.

James Lunsford says:

1:001:06 Butterfly effect?

Thunder says:

Watch Fowler in the background of his "thin to win". He holds his finish the entire time – lol.

Davi Clar says:

Not yo cheese.

Art+team Beverly says:

Good to see you guys out today God bless you Happy New Year thanks for the video guys

The Lee Boys says:

I hope this year Bryson just goes for the green at bay hill. He could get it there

Dakota Smith says:

It’s very telling of golf how a golfer like Justin Thomas can hit these amazing shots then also be in the video for hitting a bad one. Golf is hard

Stephen Spaulding says:

Great compilation!

Brady Byork says:

Mike Tirico is such an underrated broadcaster

Higty says:

HAHAHA, Happy butterfly.

Zach McCarty says:

The butterfly putt is my favorite

Jake Lawrence says:

The last one tho

Kenson Kaens says:

JT's shapes

Texan says:

ARE WE REALLLLLLY not gonna include JT's greenside flop shot at the ryder that went 9000 feet in the air? cmon…..

B says:

Dude these are the same clips they been playing on every compilation they released the last couple months. Make some NEW CONTENT

Jacob Alderete says:

if only my playing partners were this early

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