My 3 BEST Senior Golf Swing Tips in 2022

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Senior golfers often get overlooked when it comes to golf instruction, so these are the 3 best senior golf swing tips from the Todd Kolb Vertical Line Swing.

If you're a senior golfer looking to improve your game, then watch my video on my 3 best senior golf swing tips. In this video, I'll show you how to fix common problems with your golf swing and improve your score significantly.

My senior golf swing tips are a must-watch if you're looking to take your game to the next level. By following my advice, you'll be able to hit the ball further, straighter and with more accuracy. Give my video a watch and see how you can improve your game faster than you ever thought possible!

I’ve put together three of my easiest senior golf swing tips that will help every “experienced” golfer find more speed and pure contact with every swing.

We are going to help you with a proper golf pivot, teach you how to release the trail leg for more golf swing rotation, and finally a simple swing tip to help you get into a proper finish position.

This advice is so simple you can apply it to your game tomorrow.

Get more distance with this Free Vertical Line Golf Swing tip from VLS Golf:

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Jon Kring says:

66 years old and retired. Love your instruction

David Langley says:

I'm 72 years old

Russell Bell says:

I’m approaching 66 and have been trying to improve my play every time I play or go to the range. Question: How far down and in should my lead should go?

Tony Neilson says:

I'm 77 and live in far north Australia. I play off 20-ish and still hit the ball ok off the tees but struggle with topping and pulling medium to short irons from fairways. I'm hoping this tip (knees touching at finish) might just be the answer. I hope to report good progress.

Steve Vinopal says:

Good video. Do you have a lesson on uphill, downhill, sidehill lies?

Sherrie Riley says:

Great tips we are 63 and all your videos

Mark Franks says:

72 from Central Texas.

Robert Warner says:

76, from CT, NY, RI, now in Aiken SC (17 handicap)… Play 3-4 times/wk

Robert Kapinus says:

70 years old.
This lesson just covered my worst bad habit, staying on my trail foot and no weight shift.
Thank You Todd for all of your lessons.

Simon Thorpe says:

Hi Todd, I am setting up with closed stance, hips, shoulders and feet. I have square club face. Thing is, I am keeping clubface square but swinging down the target line with VLS instead of feet line. Been striking it crisply at range and hitting straight shots which is great for me. I know you advocate feet line with square face for baby draw, but my method for straight shots, is that ok to stick with to add to my portfolio of swings or would you try and groove baby draw approach? Best Simon

Pat Sisselberger says:

Hello Todd, I am 81 and playing since last year.I am working with Hybrids.I would like to know the ball position and T height for the following clubs. Teton HD, #’s 3,4,8 & 9 hybrids. I follow your videos almost daily. Thanks Patrick

Joe Schweers says:

Young 75 year old from NJ Beach

Henry Torres says:

Hello Todd, My name is Henry I am 65 years young and live in Henderson Nevada. I enjoy watching your golf lessons and tips. They have helped me a lot. Thank you. Watching pro golfers and your lessons on the practice range I notice that there is very little divot or no divot at all when you are hitting balls on the practice range. Why ? When I am playing a round of golf I usually take divots and I take divots on the practice range. Hope to hear from you.

Bob Burch says:

Great video. I really enjoy it. I am 76

Douglas Weber says:

60 love your tips

Paul Wright says:

I'm 75, and have been playing for 20 years in windy Cornwall, England. Thanks for the tips, much appreciated.

R Bonn says:

67 years old from NJ, started playing last year since my girlfriend is a golf nut who just happens to be our Club Champion. So, your tips are helping keep my relationship alive.

Patrick DeGeorge says:

62 year old from New Jersey. Is the VLS book available yet? Thanks.

Mikel Judson says:

69 Calgary, Canada 8 handicap u and Nick have helped me so much

luke lombard says:

seniors just like more experience of people just like college people well if marijuana is more important then im glad your not my relative or grand parents i be saying F***K you your not conserned or no commonsense with children even if they are in bubble . Its saying like your dead to me oh last thing  your last parents are stupid to have you for a child !

Michael Collins says:

Great tips…simplified

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