This EASY GOLF SWING for Seniors is Almost Too Effective! (VERTICAL LINE SWING)

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We need to learn how to swing a golf club a little differently as we get older, as we start to lose flexibility and golf mobility. These senior golf swing tips work off our Vertical Line Golf Swing system, and help you get a little more golf rotation, length to your swing, and ultimately golf swing speed.

These senior golfers swing tips can help you learn a pain free golf swing that helps you hit the golf ball farther as you get older!

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18 thoughts on “This EASY GOLF SWING for Seniors is Almost Too Effective! (VERTICAL LINE SWING)

  1. Ok, I'm not going to try these tips till I'm well over 70, like next June. Okay, next week when I hit the golf dome.
    I gotta say, they (tips) make a shit load of sense and looking forward to seeing the results!
    Used to swing more upright when younger and then by practice found dropping the swing plane gave me more distance and control. Used to give myself a whisker burn on my left shoulder during practice and now I'm lucky to look over my elbow on the back swing! A more upright attack with stance as is will have me slicing the hell out of shots but that back foot well back should make a difference for sure. Damn I'm looking forward to trying this!

  2. Hi Todd, Thanks for sharing the idea of not restricting your hip turn using the method. I am 50 years old and I cut 6 strokes just following this concept. I like the idea of pre-setting your hips this is gold in maximizing your turn. The right-field turn helps me turn and control my swing.

  3. I have been trying to learn this vertical line swing, but I’m still hitting the ball either fat or thin. I’m guessing it’s too much leg action, but not sure. Really wish I lived near you to get some lessons. Any idea what I should try doing? Love how you simplify the game!
    (Dayton, Ohio)

  4. Hi Todd, Barrie from Brisbane Australia. Just purchased your "Bad Lie" book and also VLS video series. Really progressing well with these … thanks. To get the vertical swing feeling, I seem to be progressing by 3 set drills with left arm only swings, with a club, but not hitting a ball, and making sure at arm parallel to ground that my left arm is on or outside my toe line, not behind it, both on back and forward swings. Does this make sense? Ta

  5. This is. interesting I spent a lot of money. going to GOLF TEC and they insist. on bringing the hands inside rather than up on the backswing. This did not work for me at all.

  6. I don,t usuallywatch golf videos except for the instructors who are showing tips for the "aged". I have followed Jim Venetos with his closed stance but now I think I have found the solution to a few problems with that swing.This swing I find much easier to apply and have had some good results from it.Simple set-up and simple vertical swing – so easy. Thanks Todd.

  7. With the senior baseball drill, the hips don't face the target on the follow through. Does that matter? On the traditional swing, you want your hips facing left of the target on the swing. Which creates more speed and power for a 73 year old?

  8. Good instructions but I’m 60.year old man! My major problems are very closed face in backswing and luck off shoulder turn/flexibility after two lower back surgeries L5-L6 please help me, go get more consistent ? Michael from Bangkok

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