My GOLF CLUB choice as a 13 Handicap Golfer [ EVERY SHOT ]

Another round into my handicap series, As I take on the BEST golf course in the Antrim Masserene Golf Club! An absolutely stunning style course with A LOT of bunkers…

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Hi I'm David Steele welcome to my channel DS Golf.
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7 thoughts on “My GOLF CLUB choice as a 13 Handicap Golfer [ EVERY SHOT ]

  1. At least you say that you dont know the rules of the game but this shouldnt be the case as it is best for everyone if you have a working knowlege of the game of golf. Here is an explination of what you should have done and an option if you want to play quick casual golf.

    The proper rules:
    The massive white stakes on the first hole are out of bound stakes. If you hit a shot and it goes out of bounds you only have one option, stroke and distance. Therefore you would need to go back to the tee and hit your third shot. If you suspect that your ball might have gone out of bounds while on the tee box then you should hit a provisional ball which would also be your 3rd shot. Then you would be hitting your 4th shot from wherever that one landed.

    Made up golf rules:
    Even if you wanted to play out of bounds as a lateral penalty area (like lots of people do in casual golf) then you should have dropped only two club lengths away from the white stakes and not as you did in a position where you can see the green. This would have then been your third shot from that position. if it was an internal out of bounds you could also take stroke and distance between where your ball crossed the penatly area in line with the flag as far back as you like. That would also be a one shot penalty.

    If you played by the proper rules then you would have been DQ'd and the whole scorecard would be null and void.

    If you played by the made up rules and dropped closer to the stakes then that would be a bogey.

    I hope you see this as a helpful comment and not trying to bash a new golfer but if you are quite good at playing the game but dont know or try to learn the basic rules then its all a bit pointless.

  2. How can you be a 13 handicapper and not know what white stakes are.i will edit that,you are a good player I like watching your videos coz we're around the same standards but read up on the rules of stakes lol good ⛳️

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