Fix Your Driver Swing With These 5 Simple Drills

How do you make the game more fun whilst also shooting lower scores? You hit the driver better, longer and straighter

Fix your driver swing with these 5 simple drills is todays video and I share some of my favourite, and proven, drills to get you back on track and hitting the driver better than ever.

So, does your driver swing need work, try these simple drills

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00:00 Intro
01:00 The Hover
03:08 Mo Norman Drill
06:06 Daylight for Distance
09:31 Strike Drill
12:41 Attack Angle Drill

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25 thoughts on “Fix Your Driver Swing With These 5 Simple Drills

  1. Your Mo Norman drill is working on me surprisingly, I did not practice whatsoever but putting concentration on my takeaway according to the swing path. Bombed and pulled a fews, but no slice instead a little fade. Hopefully it won’t fail me once I start practicing it at the driving range ?

  2. Thank you, thank you ,thank you. I was struggling to identify where I was going wrong with consistently slicing and your tips managed to resolve this. Really appreciate your vids!

  3. I stop playing for six months and I lost my swing, I’ve been working on it for a week now and I got back the swing for my wedges and irons, however the Woods and the driver no success, any ideas ? Thank you Chris.

  4. I'm over 75 and just starting to learn the game of golf. I have been watching your videos for 3 or 4 years. I also have gravitated to stack and tilt along the way What you and another seem to use or demonstrate seems very similar to the stack system. Am I wrong to think that way. Looks like great driver tips. Thank you Chris, keep up the great tips. I have been having trouble with consistently getting my iron shots pure. I have been working hard on slowing down my swing, and practicing slower.

  5. Mate the 2nd tip what a simple ripper.
    Changed everything in an instant ???
    On the take away club moving inwards instead of outwards for me changed everything. Loving these milestones.
    Thanks Bud. Interesting how even regular coaching this simple thing isn’t picked up. Changed everything .
    Ripper ❤

  6. Very nice practical tips…Will try to adapt this tips to improve my drive @69 y.o. Hoping to increase my distance.
    Thanks a lot Chris…Cheers!!!

  7. Chris, love your videos. I am a slicer with my driver. I tried the Mo Norman drill yesterday on the course, moved my club back 1.5 feet from the ball at address, and then hit my drive. Almost without exception the ball went straight! So what is my next step to get the ball going straight without moving my driver back from the ball at address? Thanks!

  8. Variable I have is maybe not releasing club or varying degree of maintaining strong grip at impact. Get some ugly high pop ups to left (right handed).

  9. I now use the Moe Norman drill on the course as my regular swing and completely changed my game off the tee, now swinging in to out and up and added 25 yards instantly.

  10. Tip 1 works great when the tee is really high. The range I go, it has those 3 inch rubber tee. I tried the hover method, I was hitting it better and faster! Ball speed went from 120 up to 145! Had one drive went up to 277 yard with total 305 yards. Never hit ball that far lol. Can’t wait to try at the course tomorrow.

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