My Top 5: Greatest F1 Drivers Of All Time

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There has been a lot of talk lately about who the greatest F1 driver of all time is. So here goes, these are my top 5 greatest…and it is all my opinion. Let me know I the comments below, who your top 5 are.

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The F1 Word says:

Typo spotted by Forever Gaming. Obviously Senna did not win the championship twice in 1991 lol. It was, in fact:
1988, 1990 and 1991. Sorry about that guys and thanks for pointing it out mate.

Princess Solace says:

In that famous 86 pic, only Prost and Piquet have won F1 titles.

david stout says:

Fangio stated that Clark did things with a race car he couldn’t do and wouldn’t try; Jim Clark is unquestionably the greatest driver of all time. Stewart also said he couldn’t challenge Clark unless Clark had a problem of some kind. NOTE: Clark also drove when there were only 9, maybe 10, F1 races a year.

No soy yo says:

11:30 junto a Fangio aparece Froilán González. Otro gran piloto argentino que hizo ganar por primera vez en F1 a Ferrari . Silverstone 1951

Bruno Scarabottolo says:

Senna is the best ❤

Luís Rosmaninho says:

Fangio Clark surtees senna Schumacher e Hamilton.

Nickos A says:

And Kimi Raikonen the most unlucky f1 driver of all time😢

Rusty Turner says:

If you extrapolate Fangio's stats to modern levels of 300+ starts, he'd have about 140 wins…making Schumacher and Hamilton look like absolute pikers. One quibble: best 5 of all time should include a pre-war pilot, either Caracciola or Nuvolari, or it's not really "all time", now is it?

Ali G says:

Clark and Stewart way up there, with Clark possibly right at the top. Schumacher – cheated, Senna – cheated, Prost – cheated, Remember that Fangio was at the top of his game as F1 started.

Ivan MV says:

Great video. Loved to see Fangio in 1st place. That was Real driving. No electronics, no safety measures, working as mechanic one day to race next day, won titles with 4 different cars, you'll never see that again… Just amazing

Stuart Allcock says:

As the late Niki Lauda said
" He was the greatest driver to have ever lived. "
1 – Senna
2 – Fangio
3 – Schumacher
4 – Clark
5 – Prost
Rip legend!

Ma M says:

Fangio, Senna, Clark, Brabham, Prost, Mansell, Stewart, Hamilton, Gilles, Moss.

Tiago Costa says:

1. Alain Prost 4x Champion (2 Teams) + 4x Vice
2. Schumacher 7x Champion (2 Teams) + 2x Vice
3. Hamilton 7x Champion (2 Teams) + 3x Vice
4. Fangio 5x Champion (4 Teams) + 2x Vice
5. Nelson Piquet 3x Champion (2 Teams)

all bullies are deprived of peace says:

Senna with A manuaL shifter

Dave Rubin says:

Pure Raw Talent: (BOAT)

1. Ayrton Senna (died to soon)
2. Gilles Villeneuve (unlucky driver & died to soon)
3. Jim Clark (died to soon)


1. Ayrton Senna
2. Juan Manuel Fangio
3. Jim Clark
4. Lewis Hamilton (still pending, can go up)
5. Michael.Schumacher
6. Alain Prost
7. Jackie Stewart
8. Niki Lauda
9. Fernando Alonso
10. Nelson Piquet / Sebastian Vettel / Gilles Villeneuve

1 IN A BILLION.. unfortunately.. predetermined says:

Senna is still the greatest I've ever seen.

Matthew Levett says:

My top 5 are,Fangio, Senna, Prost, Stewart, Clark. In that order,just my opinion 😊

Leo Djunbushian says:

I disagree with the order by a large margin: 1. Schumi 2. Fangio 3. Prost 4. Jim Clark 5. Senna

saleen235 says:

I respect everyone’s opinions, but the best was and still is to me Ayrton Senna.

P Pintarić says:

As 1st its said Senna is the best natural talent and btw by statistics Senna is the fastest


Wrong Schumacher is no1. Fact not just my opinion senna did same twice

Malcolm Antonio says:

Upgrade and put Hamilton there

F1 Pro says:

Michael Schumacher 🐐

vs800rider says:

Senna was talented, not great. Greats aren’t afraid to compete, he was and that’s why he crashed into Prost. He was scared he couldn’t win fairly so he took a coward’s way out.

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