This video is all about the golf swing. I hope you find it useful.

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  1. Are you also, attempting to physically swing your arms faster, or are your arms travelling faster because your leg is straightening more??? Thanks

  2. I'm quite sure my swing doesn't look like that at all – despite ALL the lessons I've taken over the years (not from you). I'll keep trying!

  3. Russell
    Have you ever considered letting that left knee break inwards more and let that right knee lose some flex ? Maybe you don't like pelvic tilt for some reason. Pelvic turn looks pretty flat to me. Instead of turning flat and sliding laterally you should get under that right hip right out of the gate. It's a much more powerful position. Maybe you don't like power . pfff any thoughts on that " mate " ?

  4. Well, certainly interesting to finally see you swing the club and more specifically the differences between the club's swing. Do you subscribe to aximising hip depth on the downswing?

  5. Great video RH!! I agree with Stephen S. (below) in that the slow motion video really helps to create a "mental image" as to what we're trying to train our bodies to accomplish!! Akin to visualizing your next shot on the course!! BTW: Pretty freakin awesome swing you got there!! 🙂

  6. great video Russell! As I tend to turn my right hip way too much in the back swing, my right leg – as a consequence? straightens at the top of back swing and my head even moves to the left because my left knee moves towards the ball. I think that is a very uncommon swing fault. Any tip how to overcome it? Should I conciously try to turn less?

  7. It is such a great golf swing. Simple but generating so much effortless speed. Can see how you ended up a plus 3 although of course that requires very sound putting and short game as well.

  8. Please review your video “How to move your hips at the start of the downswing”. On these sequences you seem to be keeping you weight back more and your arms are therefore more active. Your swings in that other video look more like a normal pro, these swings do not look like a tour pro so you should rename the video to “A Professional Golf Swing”.

  9. Thank you Russell, it's great to see all of the steps in the various club swings, so much easier to make sense of your instructions. I would like to ask about the driver downswing where you momentarily shift onto the left toe at about left arm horizontal. Is this a conscious move using the ground? Many thanks.

  10. Great swing Russell! I saw things in your swing which I needed to see to put it all together. You really needed to do this for us "hackers". A much better understanding of the swing. The challenge is I do not have 240fps to analyse my swing in slow motion like that and see each of those subtleties I picked up in this video. Well done!

  11. Very nicely done. Ever so slight hanging back in the driver swing solved by more knee flex in the downswing and more up in the release. Slightly more secondary tilt in the backswing will free up the space required to tighten up the rotation. Lol . Being very picky here to a very text book straight forward swing. I do this frequently and have realized too much focus on posture maintenance tightens up my rhythm too much. Great video.

  12. Please clarify "keeping flexion in the trail leg" Can't you still have early extension even with a flexed trail leg by pushing off with the trail foot?

  13. Another excellent video. Fairway wood I need relaxed grip , ball mid stance ensuring downward strike. Where you play it from is a guaranteed TOP for me. Can you clarify in another video for the handicap player please?

  14. Our course opened last Wednesday and I was able to play three days in a row. Hopefully if everyone follows the rules we'll be able to keep playing. After adopting a downward facing pelvis driven swing over the winter, my driving has never been better. Thinking in to out with the pelvis, produces a very consistent and controllable draw with the driver. I'm finally able to hit a driver on every hole on my course and spend most of my time in the middle of the fairway. Thinking in to in with the rest of the clubs works great because it keeps things more centred and gives me very straight shots. My swing has never been simpler, thanks to your excellent teaching, Russell.

  15. Love the videos,really well spoken and explained.
    Ps,I thought you were going to hit your orange training aid with your driver

  16. Russell, I am practicing my back swing as you show in your super lessons, however in this example you don't seem to move your left leg towards the right leg to help the right leg and hip to turn back, this is confusing my practice lessons in my back garden,which one is correct.

  17. Hello, is there any way of me filming my swing and superimposing it over your swing, on a front and side on. I'm sure it would be a good visual to see were I'm going wrong or is there not the Tec for that. Great channel ?

  18. I've been flipping the club for 55 years and now want to change my swing to compress the golf ball. I'm struggling with getting the FEEL of hands forward and shaft lean in all my clubs. It doesn't FEEL right. How do I change that? Enjoy all your videos. Especially the slow motion swings. I can see what the hands forward looks like but can't get the FEEL.

  19. Hey Russell I’ve learned a bunch from your teachings over the last few months and wanted to thank you for sharing your passion! Question in this episode is it seems that the pro swings I’ve seen in detail have much more forward (lateral) mid body movement once they start and complete through impact. Just wondering if that’s the case?

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