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Saul Carrera says:

good review rick… I went and tested both today .. m2 and m1.. love the look of the m2 as I play m1 driver and 3 wood.. wanted to get the m2 3hybrid in 19 degree as it matches both m1's I have .. But could not hit that thing straight for the life of me.. that draw bias just killed my ball flight all left.. hit the m1 3 hybrid and dead straight and long carried 245.. so needless to say I went with 2017 m1 3 hybrid 19 degree

9soccerplayr says:

just got mine yesterday sounds nice when u hit it right but when u get it wrong it sounds silenced. really difficult club to hit for me although its the first time ive had a hybrid in my bag

Saul Carrera says:

agree Rick.. I like the m2 look better then the m1.. why wouldn't they do the same to the m1.. that black and white contrast looks smart as you say… gonna have to try both and see which one I like.. good review Rick…

Darryl Gwalter says:

The M2 hybrid is the only club I push 10 – 20 yards. I have no idea why.

lathunion n says:

my first hybrid I ever got was a cobra (3 hybrid) ss flex and I still use it today. I usually don't like many cobra products but their woods, drivers, and hybrids sound and feel amazing.

mharri333 says:

Love that you don't edit the bad shots. Thanks Rick!

Subscribe to my channel for no reason ! says:

Haven't watched rick shiels in like a year.. I come back and he's a terrorist now haha

Sven Hallauer says:

I've got this club in my bag since 2 months and it's by far the best hybrid I've ever owned! I've owned Titleist, Nike, Cobra, and Adams in the past and none of them come close from a distance consistency and ball flight perspective.

Gianmarco Balsamo says:

never change my trusty and Power aeroburner rescue with m2. never!

Dan 2c plus says:

I still dont get why people who dont have a 110+ driver swing speed try to hit driving irons that are 21 degrees and less. Hybrids are SOOOO much easier to hit. Also, the argument the hybrids go "too high" is BS. You can always fix that with lead tape, correct shaft fitting, or loft of the club head.

Ian Armitage says:

Lol, fluted ferrule! Credibility much?

Tcs Tcs says:

Just got great grades and I've just got into a premium golf school. All because of your videos. Thank you.

Rich Winterburn says:

Are those full boxes of balls next to the wall?

danthemanwhocancan says:

The deep face makes it easier to hit off the tee

Andy Titcomb says:

My son won this club at the Farmers Insurance Open, it launches high as it did for Rick but seems to draw no mater what you do. Great looking club thanks for the review.

2teej says:

been waiting for this reveiw for months was so nervouse to buy without proper data on it but turned out to be the best decision ever screw 3 woods this baby can compete!

B Arza says:

Where is the Monday night golf show???

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