TaylorMade P790 Iron VS Callaway Epic Pro Iron Head To Head

TaylorMade P790 Iron goes head to head against Callaway Epic Pro Iron using launch monitor data to show differences in perform as well as my personal feedback on looks & feel.

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12 thoughts on “TaylorMade P790 Iron VS Callaway Epic Pro Iron Head To Head

  1. Man this golf swing is just so buttery smooth. I go to the range and I look like a guy trying to hack down some bushes with nunchucks whilst getting attacked by a swarm of Bees.

  2. Great vid mate I am playing the Srixon 565 at the moment but I just love the look of the taylormade 790 do you think there is much difference in forgiveness between the two ?? Thanks

  3. Thanks for all your excellent videos. Wonder how the p790 would go against the Ping i200. I am looking for a game imprvment iron with a bigger head and less offset .. Any suggestions for an iron with a bigger head and less amount of offset?? I like the Ping G400, but it has too much offset for me..

  4. I prefer the look of the TM as well but on performance I think it is too close to call. The TM made more ball speed because you had more swing speed, but the smash of the Callaway was marginally higher so SS being equal the Epic will produce more distance, though only slightly. Two yards carry and 1 yard total is meaningless anyway. 300 RPM is also insignificant. Hitting into a green there will be no noticeable difference. If these numbers held true hitting say 20 balls with each club I would go with you on one having the edge over the other, but with 3 shots each there is not enough data to really see a trend.

  5. 790's according to TM's website will be around $1200 USD for a 5-PW set. Epic are obviously much more money… I don't see the performance gains to justify that, plus I'd be willing to bet based on many reviews that the 790's will feel and sound better.

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