NEW! Incredible Rory McIlroy Swing Slow Motion Reverse Angle

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Four-time Major winner Rory McIlroy in action on the range. This view gives a great behind angle of the Northern Irishman's pressure shift with his wedge and short irons.


Just Truth says:

Thanks for the video.

K9 388 says:

Great if you don’t want to make a cut…..

ggk k says:

Little bit of stack and tilt?

Emanuel Yudanto says:

still cant win the masters tho

RJK electrical says:

He makes it look so easy

PNW Sportbike Life says:

He doesn’t really “shift” his weight at all. He’s dead still, probably more weight on the lead side, and really works the swing from the left. Beautiful golf swing!

blehoo1 says:

total stability during the backswing

Follow Media says:

he shifts weight to the right by unloading his left leg. theres no sway in the backswing whatsoever.

C Dunne says:

…WHAT??? ….no dropping it in the slot????? ….surely aaaaaall of those YouTuber coaches couldn’t be wrong .

Why don’t they teach Rory’s method, it seems more straight forward

bloatedsodium says:

Man he’s got an amazing posterior!

brett taylor says:

that hip shifting forward so much is a surprise to me. It makes sense on the driver, 3 wood and long irons.

Eric Schroeder says:

I could watch this all day. The reverse angle is so helpful, too. Easier to see weight shift, and shoulder turn, or at least a different perspective.
Keep up the great posts!

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